A day in the life of a fake astronaut

Kate Greene is on a mission to Hawaii. For the last 65 days, she has lived in a mostly windowless dome on the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano, only venturing outside occasionally — and then through an airlock while dressed in a head-to-toe safety suit. She's part of HI-SEAS, a project aimed at studying the way humans might eat, cook, and stay healthy on a long-term Mars mission.

Greene's adventure will last another 53 days. In this video, she walks you through a typical day in a simulated Martian environment — which involves (surprisingly) P-90x workouts and (unsurprisingly) powdered eggs.

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Keep up with Kate Green's updates at Discover's "Field Notes" blog


  1. I hope she gets to stay around a while after the experiment is done – 118 days in Hawaii without getting to go out for a nice walk, and then heading straight back to the continent, would be a real bummer.

  2. I was on board until it got to the “8 minutes of shower water a week”. 

    I turn into a person who’s no fun to be around (attitude, not stench) if I don’t get a shower every morning. 

    1. 8 minutes of shower water is A LOT of shower time if you conserve water while you’re bathing. It sounds like you can take as much time as you want lathering and soaping up as long as you aren’t running the water.

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