Book House of St Louis faces closure, seeks cash


3 Responses to “Book House of St Louis faces closure, seeks cash”

  1. Carl Pietrantonio says:

    Um, leasing your space means you realize that the persons that *owns* the space can sell it. Not necessarily to you,either. It is a risk many business owners take. Some of them lose that bet.

    That said, I am sympathetic to the situation, but if this is a successful, profitable business, can not the owner get a bank loan and move the business that way to a different location? If this is a charity case, then, well, I wish them the best of luck.

    • bunkyboar says:

      If anything, leasing is a risk mitigator.  They survived as a business for 30 years without having to hold an expensive business property loan (these aren’t like mortgages), and knowing that if a sweet spot opened up at the strip mall down the street, they could move, or if things got tough and they had to close shop, the owner wouldn’t be burdened with a property loan as well as a bankrupt company. 

  2. franko says:

    i’ll help spread the word simply because i’m horrified that the owners are planning on tearing down that gorgeous old house to build an ugly concrete-block type storage facility. shame on them!

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