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13 Responses to “Fashion trends in "swinging London of the sixties," captured in an archival short film”

  1. incipientmadness says:

    It’s funny how this seems so much more dated, zeerusty even, than similar films from the late 1940’s. I think that’s probably because I have seen a lot of WWII movies. It also might be that some of these fashions were still around when I was a kid so that I actually remember when they went out of style.

  2. knoxblox says:

    Jo Ann Worley look-alike at 6:45.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      I don’t know how to spell that noise that she makes. But she called my house once.

      • knoxblox says:

         I think it’s spelled the same way it’s spelled for Charles Nelson Reilly. Arng-arng-arng!

  3. lorq says:

    ‘Now you’ll like these. You’ll really “dig” them. They’re “fab,” and all the other pimply hyperboles…’

  4. Nash Rambler says:

    “They say London swings.  It doesn’t.  Not even the Kings Road, Chelsea.  But here and there among the conformist fat cat crowds is a lean cat or two, looking like it might swing, given some encouragement.”

    Man, English people get to say the greatest stuff.

  5. Lyle Hopwood says:

    I love the eyeball on the ceiling of I Was Lord Kitchener’s Valet! (And so odd to hear it pronounced val-lay after all these years out of the UK. Odd also to hear such an RP voice use a word like “gaff” for “house, place”.)

  6. Boundegar says:

    After about three minutes I realized this isn’t Look Around You.

  7. TWX says:

    At 1:43…  What’s Amy Pond doing there?  Shouldn’t she be pretending to run away from the Men in Black to confuse The Silence?

  8. Dignan says:

    Now if you huff and puff and you finally save enough money up to take your family on a trip across the sea – take a tip before you take your trip and let me tell you where to go: go to England-oh, England swings like a pendulum do, Bobbies on bicycles two by two, Westminster Abbey the tower Big Ben, the rosy red cheeks of the little children.

  9. Frank Diekman says:

    Man, that narrator really has a  bug up his ass.

  10. pjcamp says:

    Horrorshow forellas and vecks.