London gets its own Maker Faire

At last, London is getting a Maker Faire -- albeit a "mini-Faire." The Elephant and Castle Mini Maker Faire will take place on July 6, and I'm pleased to say that I'll be one of the keynote speakers. There'll be everything you love about Maker Faires on offer, of course, especially activities for young people. I took my daughter to the Newcastle Faire earlier this spring and she had the best time.

Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire, London’s first maker faire, is a go for Saturday, July 6 in Elephant & Castle, a small, bustling London neighborhood just south of the River Thames. The fair is being hosted by the London College of Communication. The Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire will offer a day of family-friendly making, learning, crafting, inventing and tinkering in the heart of London. Be inspired by arts, crafts, engineering, science and technology from more than 70 Makers offering demonstrations and hands on workshops in electronics, coding, hacking, tinkering, 3D printing, crafting and much more. Entry is free...

...Following the fair will be a second day of debates and discussion about making organized in part by the Victoria and Albert Museum. The organizing committee includes members of the 600-strong London Hackspace.

London Calling! Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire set for July 6


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  3. Excellent, I’ll be in the area that week! I’ve been part of Oakland (CA,US) Mini Maker Faires and participating/tabling at the original San Mateo shindig, and the latter has grown so much that I’ve come to prefer the “mini” variants… although being in smaller venues, they can offer comparable crowd densities.

    I was slightly surprised not to see on the E&C MMF site any reference to how to apply for space as a maker , even a pro forma FAQ “This is how it was, the deadline has passed and we’re at capacity, now go away, or rather come join us in a different fashion.” Because to me, a key aspect of the participatory culture embedded in the Maker brand is the “anyone can do it” aspect, and while I can understand populating the majority of the limited # of spots in a relatively small venue through existing relationships with local groups and targeted invitations, the lack of transparency is a missed opportunity to help other current and future makers in the area see a way forward. I briefly started wondering whether there might be some difference in UK culture about openness of invitation and equality of access, but decided to suspend my judgement until I get there and learn more… it may well be that there was an open process on some other site altogether.

    (I went ahead and shoehorned my concept/proposal into a submission via the Volunteer form, so we’ll see if it lands anywhere useful/in the inbox of anyone interested in pursuing it)

    P.S. Ah, some inspired guessing about the E&C call-for-makers URL, based on the UK Maker site structure, led me to this post which answers all my questions except why this isn’t linked on the top-level of the current public site, instead of buried 6 pages deep under “Older Posts”:

    1. ‘I briefly started wondering whether there might be some difference in UK
      culture about openness of invitation and equality of access’

      I’ve not experienced anything like this before (London can sometimes be a bit different though). The main UK Maker Faire – held in Newcastle, last year – had a call out for makers long before it started. I also showed some of my work in Manchester last year, and there were other makers from around the UK getting involved.

      Now that you mention though, I can’t see a call for makers anywhere on their page, even going back a few posts and tweets. I’ve probably just not looked hard enough, but maybe Mr. Doctorow would know?

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