The Internet prop from The IT Crowd


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  1. jaye says:

    Stephen* Hawking

    • Stephen Schenck says:

      Ugh, don’t get me started. I swear, growing up it seemed like Stephen was the spelling everyone just assumed – when did this bastardized nickname version start becoming so popular?

  2. the_wakeful says:

    This is why I’ll never be self employed. Sure I could make a bunch of these myself, but I would never think to sell them on Etsy until someone else did it first.

  3. futnuh says:

    I want the real one, not a cheap knock-off.

  4. 28 dollars plus 20+ in shipping. I hate that so fucking much.  I went there with my wallet in my hand ready to plop down some cash on a well-executed joke and went from happy to feeling taken advantage of like THAT.

    Edit: ah. Australian seller. That’s at least partially sensible.

  5. Roy Trumbull says:

    In San Francisco there’d been a computer room fire and the SFFD mandated a main power cutoff to be located just inside the door to such a room. We complied even thought it would be several years before the gear moved there. Sure enough someone crafted a sign and mounted it below this massive switch: “Earth Rotation Control”

  6. PanoramicPenguin says:

     Hey now, the Elders of the Internet gave that permission; Stephen Hawking just delivered it, I think XD

    • adonai says:

      Thank you for that. Always wanted to put one of these together as a gift, now I might just get around to it.

  7. Benzene says:

    Wouldn’t a Y2K-like disaster happen if someone drops their box?

  8. Andrew Singleton says:

    Now i want that as a case for a raspberry pi or networked drive that acts as a networked cloud or lan server or something.

  9. doggo says:

    Nuh uh! That’s the wireless Internet. If it was “The Internet” it would have fiber, or at least gigabit ethernet ports. S’prolly 802.11b.

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