The Internet prop from The IT Crowd

Etsy seller KineticGifts has replicated "The Internet," a prop from a classic episode of The IT Crowd (wherein the boys convince their clueless boss that Stephen Hawking has given them permission to get it down from Big Ben so that she can show it to the Board of Directors). It's $28.42.

Whether you are looking for novelty for your desk, somewhere to hide your secrets or a subject for a speech to the shareholders, The Internet is a unique and fun tribute to this hilarious joke from The IT Crowd.

It measures 155 x 95 x 53 mm. Includes a red flashing light on top powered by an internal 9V (square style) battery. Includes an external switch so you can TURN OFF THE INTERNET. Battery is not included due to shipping limitations.

The Internet from "The IT Crowd" with On/Off Switch (via Neatorama)


    1. Ugh, don’t get me started. I swear, growing up it seemed like Stephen was the spelling everyone just assumed – when did this bastardized nickname version start becoming so popular?

  1. This is why I’ll never be self employed. Sure I could make a bunch of these myself, but I would never think to sell them on Etsy until someone else did it first.

  2. 28 dollars plus 20+ in shipping. I hate that so fucking much.  I went there with my wallet in my hand ready to plop down some cash on a well-executed joke and went from happy to feeling taken advantage of like THAT.

    Edit: ah. Australian seller. That’s at least partially sensible.

  3. In San Francisco there’d been a computer room fire and the SFFD mandated a main power cutoff to be located just inside the door to such a room. We complied even thought it would be several years before the gear moved there. Sure enough someone crafted a sign and mounted it below this massive switch: “Earth Rotation Control”

  4.  Hey now, the Elders of the Internet gave that permission; Stephen Hawking just delivered it, I think XD

    1. Thank you for that. Always wanted to put one of these together as a gift, now I might just get around to it.

  5. Now i want that as a case for a raspberry pi or networked drive that acts as a networked cloud or lan server or something.

  6. Nuh uh! That’s the wireless Internet. If it was “The Internet” it would have fiber, or at least gigabit ethernet ports. S’prolly 802.11b.

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