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5 Responses to “The Story of The Source Family Birth Rope, as told to Boing Boing by Isis Aquarian in Hawaii”

  1. Rotwang says:

    If you’re going to join a cult, Hawaii is a good place to do it!

  2. Ambiguity says:

    The Source Family has been getting a lot of press these days, mostly because of the documentary.

    Folks like these make me wish we could go back to the time when the word “cult” could be used in a non-derogatory way.  They were definitely a cult, and while they were definitely a bit strange, they seemed pretty benign. It would be useful to have that connotation of the word back, but I guess one could always back-apply “happy mutant!”

  3. OliveGreenapple says:

    I like this idea. Too bad I’m the last family member. My rope would just be… a rope. I could do it with deaths though! But that would take a looooong time.

  4. Isis Aquarian says:

    Xeni thank you so much for this interview on one of our important
    family practice and teachings…this was not a planned or rehearsed interview
    and so that made it all the better to see how well it came out.     Regarding
    the word and meaning of CULT…this is one of those words that we are trying to
    amend and restore back to its proper meaning….CULT MEANS CULTURE it is ones
    life style  of choice…only in America did and does it have this negative
    meaning attached to it..in Europe it is understood and accepted as being ones
    culture or way of life…..it was the whole Manson Family that branded it…it
    was as simple as that…the media at the time did not have a title for a lot of
    what was happening within the 60 and 70’s  nor was it really understood
    (outside of those who were living it and understood what was happening)
     so the branding of communes and hippies and the like needed a buzz word
    and somehow it ended up as Cult…as in the dark side, satanic in nature
    etc….like I said it all stemmed from the Manson happenings.  We as a
    generation back them, were heading into the cosmic light and living it…so of
    course the polar opposite will always pop up -so it had to be the
    darkness…..but the trick is the overcoming and the balance of it all.:))    Isis