Another trip down the Internet K-Hole


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  1. 10xor01 says:

    “I weep for the future”

  2. Funk Daddy says:

    I went to the bottom of the first page of this k-hole, gotta say, those cats with the spray cans are fucking cool.

    • noah django says:

      ah, to be in my twenties and not give a fuck.  i remember it well.

      IKH is like the best thing on the internet.

  3. Raventail2 says:

    Looking at the girl spreading herself in the car, my first thought was “Damn, girl! Trim that shrubbery!”

  4. vonbobo says:

    I know that cat!

  5. Boundegar says:

    I do not understand. Who are these people and why am I supposed to look at them?

  6. mindysan33 says:

    Thanks for occasionally post this link David!  I’ll love looking at old pics and always forget about this page!  Always a pleasure to look into these weird disconnected slices of the past.

  7. LordDon says:

    I swear halfway down you see Jared Leto.  Was Jared Leto that old in the 80′s?

    • dhparlee says:

      It’s him…and that chick that was Claire Danes old friend who she didn’t hang out with as much anymore once she got tangled up with the new crowd.

    • hypnosifl says:

      That’s definitely Leto, and internet K-hole does include 90s photos as well as 80s.

      • ChickieD says:

        Thanks for identifying him. I saw the picture and thought, “I KNOW that guy. How do I know that guy?” I thought he was some dude I went to college with that was kind of around our crowd that I couldn’t remember his name. That would have bugged me all day.

      • niktemadur says:

        For a moment there, I thought Leto was some sort of k-hole bombing time lord.

    • noah django says:

      looks like My So Called Life era.  she posts photos of actors and rock-n-rollers here and there, there’s usually one or two per installment.

  8. dhparlee says:

    Is that Nirvana?

    • hypnosifl says:

      which one?

      • dhparlee says:

        20 and 21 on the second page.  Right after the kid with the orange Mickey Mouse glasses

        • Cornan_KotW says:

           I am not the god of being right, or anything, but I’m fairly certain that’s not them. Too old for the time of those pictures.

        • hypnosifl says:

          This one, then–I dunno, that doesn’t really look like Kurt Kobain to me, and the faces of the other two are obscured. This one immediately after it seems to have been from the same set, the lower half of this drummer’s face doesn’t look like Dave Grohl.

          • noah django says:

            Grohl was their second drummer.  Babs loves her some Nirvana.

          • hypnosifl says:

            Hmm, looking at the list of past Nirvana drummers here, it could be Chad Channing. And the photo does show Cobain with long hair like in the k-hole photo, although it shows Novoselic with short hair.

  9. Dignan says:

    I got a late 70′s, early 80′s contact high just from looking at these awesome photos.  These were the times I grew up in, and these pictures are more authentic than seems possible.

    Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future…

  10. Rindan says:

    Those are awesome photos.  80′s punks were the best punks.  All others are posers.

    That said, since the time monkies first stood upright to today, there has not been a more blighted time for women’s hair styling than the 80′s.  I hope in our next wave of nostalgia we leave that big poofy and frizzy hair look in the grave where it belongs.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      80′s punks were the best punks. All others are posers.

      Oh, please. I knew a guy in the 70s who had a zipper stitched into his scalp. His hair was royal blue on one side and tyrian purple on the other. We used to run into him every afternoon in the summer when we’d jump into the freebox near Central Square to change outfits after the daily 4PM thundershower.

  11. Sugarlarry says:

    The Acid Sweat Lodge. Similar, but I really like the labels. Especially “Van Research”

  12. Preston Sturges says:

    Yep the early 80′s were a blur of bong hits and sloppy unprotected sex.

    And if you don’t believe me, ask your mother.  She was there. 

  13. niktemadur says:

    In this particular edition of the k-hole, I’m hearing a voice in the ether between the lines, and it’s Billy Squier’s:

  14. LinkMan says:

    Two, two Karmann Ghias!  Ah ha ha ha!

  15. GawainLavers says:

    The second picture above is NSFL (not safe for lunch).  Very apropos Basic Instructions.

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