Wilco's Solid Sound festival under way in Massachussetts


4 Responses to “Wilco's Solid Sound festival under way in Massachussetts”

  1. Their feldspars says:

    Looks nice…and heavy. That’s what roadies are for, I suppose. What are those arms doing?

  2. acerplatanoides says:

    Best. Festival. Crowd. Ever.

  3. Pcoleman72 says:

    I have to say that there were far fewer beards than you were predicting.  But what acerplatanoides said.  This is a music festival you can actually take small kids to.  So awesome.

  4. I live in the town that holds this festival, all I can say is some people need to learn to respect the area. I can deal with the loud music, and crowds of people but when you litter, mock the way me and my friends look… Yeah then we have a problem. If you come to north Adams next time one this festival please be respectful and considerate. -this coming from a towns 17 year old.

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