AT-AT made of single-serving ketchup tubs

Redditor Txmaluda works at a Whataburger and used their little ketchup-tubs to construct an AT-AT Walker during a slow shift. Bravo!

Update: From the comments, robcruickshank sez, "I hope the rebels mustard a defense." I hope so, too, Rob.

Assault walker I made from ketchup packets when I was bored at work. ( (via Geekologie)


    1. When the Millemonade Falcon flies down the drain of the sink and they get caught at the bottom, Admiral Akbar yells, “It’s a trap!”

  1. Because they have so much time on their hands with no customers around?

    We had a Whataburger and a Lotabuger.  No comparison.  I go to Lotaburger as soon as I cross the state line into NM (or get off the plane).  Whataburger’s mere existence offends me.

    1. this is just a guess, (i’m not an engineer), but i suspect that if one jams a bit of the plastic rim of container A between the plastic rim and the foil cover of container B then monicum of stiction can be achieved.  but that’s just a guess and not intended as promoting a particular building practice.

      1. I’m digging your fribben on the jim-jam, but my guess is the layer of cardboard peeking out just above the legs holds up the rest.

        1. but but… said practice would be in direct violation of the 1922 Paris accord of the condiment container construction consortium!  and needless to say would have to be reported to the proper authorities.

        2. fribben on the jim-jam

          Is that anything like swingin’ on the flippity-flop?

  2. Why are they called single-serving when everybody uses three or four of them?

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