Edward Snowden has disappeared


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  1. Jarrod Henry says:

    Just curious.. did anyone ever really see him in Russia?  This might have been a ruse to do an end around… he might be in Quito already…

  2. austinhamman says:

    man, this guy is good. just every time he does something i think “man he’s good”
    i hope this is a ploy and not just the government getting to him first…

  3. hassenpfeffer says:

    I can’t believe I voted for Enema of the State Dept John Kerry in ’04. Not that I had much of a choice. Kang vs. Kodos, same as it ever was.

  4. Parm says:

    Anyone else queasy after reading that he “disappeared”?

    • Andrew Singleton says:

      You’re not alone. I don’t like the thought of it.

    • Jarrod Henry says:

      Well, if he “disappeared”, he disappeared from the middle of a soviet airport, behind multiple levels of security.  I don’t think the US has him from there, it’d be an international incident akin to going and grabbing Julian Assange from the Ecudorian embassy.  

      Or he never was in Russia and he gave us all a good slip.

      • peregrinus says:

        Unless the Russians were to participate in a lift.

        Personally I don’t think any agency should touch this guy.  He’s no dummy, which means his weapon-ups are going to be pretty explosive.  He’ll have a failsafe payload delivery mechanism in the case of misfortune.

      • ffabian says:

        Just FYI:  The Soviet Union ceased to exist 20 years ago.

        In other news: WW2 is over too and Hitler is not Chancellor of Germany.

  5. Toffer99 says:

    So Snowden was not in the seat booked for him in the cabin of the Aeroflot plane.
    Did anybody check the jump seat for airline staff which is in the cockpit?

  6. Bozobub says:

    So, the government is upset with Hong Kong.  Gee, Hong Kong, China, and Russia should do everything we ask, after our cyberwar against them has been exposed!  Yeah, yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket…

    I’ve rarely felt less sympathy for my own government.

    • TRUTH SEEKER says:

      Careful they are listening ——————————The next logical step is the re-programming of the wrong thinkers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lucy Gothro says:

    I thought he was in Ecuador…ummm…ummm…

  8. DamnitDani says:

    There was no morphine in the first-aid kit, no protection for Snowden against pain but the numbing shock of the gaping wound itself. The twelve syrettes of morphine had been stolen from their case and replaced by a cleanly lettered note that said: “What’s good for M & M Enterprises is good for the country. Milo Minderbinder.” Yosarian swore at Milo and held two aspirins out to ashen lips unable to receive them. But first he hastily drew a tourniquet around Snowden’s thigh because he could not think what else to do in those first tumultuous moments when his senses were in turmoil, when he knew he must act competently at once and feared he might go to pieces completely. Snowden watched him steadily, saying nothing.  No artery was spurting, but Yossarian pretended to absorb himself entirely into the fashioning of a tourniquet, because applying a tourniquet was something he did know how to do. He worked with simulated skill and composure, feeling Snowden’s lackluster gaze resting upon him. He recovered possession of himself before the tourniquet was finished and loosened it immediately to lessen the danger of gangrene. His mind was clear now, and he knew how to proceed. He rummaged through the first-aid kit for scissors.

    “I’m cold,” Snowden said softly, “I’m cold.”

    “You’re going to be all right, kid,” Yossarian
    reassured him with a grin. “You’re going to be all right.”

    “I’m cold,” Snowden said again in a frail, childlike
    voice. “I’m cold.”

    “There, there,” Yossarian said, because he did not
    know what else to say. “There, there.”

    “I’m cold,” Snowden whimpered. “I’m cold.”

    “There, there. There, there.”
    - Joseph Heller, Catch-22

  9. chris coreline says:

    wherever he is, i hope he is happy to be there.

  10. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    So Clint Eastwood disappeared him?  The empty chair would be the biggest clue.

    “USA are fuming mad that Hong Kong authorities rejected their request to imprison Snowden on technical grounds.”

    The USA seemed unable to understand that Hong Kong wanted answers about how they were being spied on and other underhanded things they had been doing there, and that the USA was in no position to ask for a “favor” after the revelations.

    • awjt says:

      And China did not want a conflict over this, when so many more important things are on the line.  China’s economy is flagging, and they are scrambling to do everything they can to pump it back up.  A huge fight with the USA is decidedly NOT on the agenda.  Ejecting Snowden as quietly as possible was, to Beijing, the sanest, quickest solution to that problem.

      • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

        But China did enjoy the US being taken down off the high horse a little bit.

        • millie fink says:

          Yes, surely, given how “China” thinks, speaks and acts with one singular mind.

          • Andrew Singleton says:

            Just like the ‘US’ speaks and acts with one singular mind.

            I do not want my country to behave like some third-world shithole run by a bananna republic gang-leader with so much scrambled eggs on his fake uniform that you can’t see the actual anything underneath.

            This is not the country I was raised to believe we were. This is not the country my grandfathers joined the army for. This is not the country my cousin joined the Navy for.

          • TRUTH SEEKER says:

            Being able to think and say what we wish without having it recorded and reported.
            Was this not Edward Snowden’s point; for which he has put his freedom and life on the line ?

  11. Onigorom says:

    Let’s speculate: he may be with Russian authorities, who may blackmail him to give out more information if he doesn’t want to be handed over to the US. He has got no valid passport anymore, so alone on that ground Russia can keep him. Alternately, they simply may help him to buy time before Ecuador makes a decision. Alternately, he s on a plane to Iceland or elsewhere. But I speculate that he had got some sort of assurances by the Russians – why would he have booked a plane to Moscow otherwise?

    • peregrinus says:

      His assurance will be something that the Russians really don’t want to see the light of day, or something they really want released that he’s keeping back.

      “Assurances” from the Russian state, bless them, wouldn’t persuade me to leave my hamster for a day with them, let alone my life.

    • EH says:

      Iceland said no and Russia may still be a little peeved about Viktor Bout.

  12. TheMudshark says:

    “USA are fuming mad that Hong Kong authorities rejected their request to imprison Snowden on technical grounds”

    This could be made into a popular meme. I won´t say which one because of certain unwritten internet laws.

  13. Onigorom says:

    From the Guardian: “Assange added:We are aware of where Edward Snowden is. He is in a safe place and his spirits are high. Due to the bellicose threats coming from the US administration we cannot go into further detail at this time. Unfortunately we cannot reveal what country he is in at this time.”

  14. TRUTH SEEKER says:

    Newest James Bond movie due at your local theaters soon !   ———– I just love how Bond exposes the cracks in the -evil empires- . That old ,good over evil,  theme used to be an American movie script standby

  15. Neural Kernel says:

    Not sure it would be my first choice… but if you want to disappear from a technologically sophisticated adversary you could do a lot worse than wandering into the Taiga…

  16. agonist says:

    The is the first time in my life I ever wanted the United States to fail at something — catching Edward Snowden. America has really gotten screwed up since 9/11.

    • rocketpj says:

       Hmm.  I sure didn’t want them to win the hockey gold in 2010.  But yes, this too.

      I’d like to think that Snowden had a solid plan from the beginning, before he outed himself.  All that we know is what we are told – I’d be surprised if he hadn’t already made contact and plans for his entire exile before giving that interview in the hotel in Hong Kong.

      Anything less would amount to suicide, and I doubt that is his plan.

    • TRUTH SEEKER says:

      “America has really gotten screwed up since 9/11″ . (  Targeting its own citizens the way they would have treated foreigners in the past ! .)…..And Americans sometimes wondered why as tourists they were not allows welcome as they travelled the world. —–Unfortunately today,not welcome, is not a strong enough description in many parts of the world and many still don’t get it.

  17. Brainspore says:

    One reporter tweeted a plaintive picture of Snowden’s empty chair.

    Said the reporter (pictured): “That brilliant, handsome bastard must have slipped right past us somehow!”

    • I have a friend who looks weirdly like Edward Snowden. Suggested Halloweed costume: Show up dressed completely normally, but with a pair of Groucho glasses and a name tag that says “Hello, my name is definitely not Edward Snowden!” 

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      You know, I think that he could pull this off.  Just doing a press junket for my new dystopian sci-fi move.  Nothing to see here.

  18. Rhyolite says:

    So a guy goes to Russia with a treasure trove of US intelligence disappears and disappears.  You don’t think the FSB, the successor agency to the KGB, might have wanted to have a word with him?  Maybe check his hard drives for any illegally copied Pussy Riot recordings, you know, just to be sure?    

    • Yeah. I gotta be honest, I’m as nervous for this guy when it comes to his interactions with the Russian government as with his interactions with the US government. Moreso, actually, given that Obama’s history with whistleblowers involves a lot of prosecution and Putin’s involves a lot of dead whistleblowers. 

      • Rhyolite says:

        I agree.  There are a number of comments to the effect that Snowden has thought all of this out and has a plan but it doesn’t seem to be that way to me.  If your objectives are to release a bunch of data that is embarrassing to the US and obtain political asylum from Ecuador, you would be better off to go to Ecuador before releasing your data.  Every transit exposes you to capture, not only by the US but by other intelligence agencies that are equally interested and probably even less scrupulous.  It seems to me that he is winging it and could end up in a world of hurt from many different directions.

      • Al Billings says:

         Yeah but he’s not whistle-blowing on Putin and it gives the Russians an opportunity to (quietly) give the U.S. the finger.

  19. rocketpj says:

    Is it possible he never went to Russia at all?

  20. Marc Lammens says:

     It has been said; a truth revealed is often much simpler than it first appears.

    The simple truth behind Edward Snowdon is; there is no Edward Snowdon, there never was. There is only this somewhat dazed looking man, called Julian Assange, the sole hacker in all of this. If any information was leaked it was Assange who leaked it. (After hacking it)
    Julian Assange, the mole in the middle of London, hacking away in his embassy where he is unseen. Untouchable by law.

    From where he is he can do everything he wants online. EVERYTHING. I mean, it’s not like authorities are going to cut of the power, are they? It’s and embassy! In other words; a hackers heaven. Assange doesn’t want to to leave. He is perfectly happy where he is, hacking away, with the blessing of the Ecuadorian government. He’s the worm in Englands backyard. Or perhaps a double agent working for whoever pays him the most?

    This man knows more about hacking than God about the universe. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    Honestly, what do we REALLY think he is doing up there in his little room in the Ecuadorian embassy? Playing cards? Reading Playboy? This man has turned himself into the Jesus Christ of hacking and enjoying every minute of his new found fame, presenting himself as the “adult who will punish the flaws of disobedient governments”. Governments that know exactly what he’s doing.

    Edward Snowdon will never leave his Moscow airport, wearing sunglasses and facing flash-photography, because he can’t. I bet he never arrived in the first place. I think he only exists in cyberspace.
    Think about it; to book a flight from Hongkong To Moscow on-line is easy enough. And he fact that Snowdon never physically boarded is irrelevant. As we witnessed, world wide media hype quickly began to lead a life of its own. “Snowdon must have boarded because an airline computer said so”. So it must be true!

    And so it goes on and on…Welcome to the word of cyberspace.

    That’s it and that’s all. The truth is out there but it’s not what we expect.Isn’t it often?

    We all love a good mystery and, no doubt, the movie with Matt Damon will be in theaters next year. Filmed in Hawaii, Hongkong, Moscow and Havanna.
    But for now, don’t believe the Assange hype. It’s all a smokescreen to hide his real ID, for he is nothing more than another genius hacker.
    Wether his actions are right or wrong, that’s what he is and that’s what he’s doing. It’s nothing more than a one man operation.

    And if that sounds to simplistic to be true, believe it because it very well might be so…

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