Man: I'm looking for Bigfoot, not pot!

Sm bigfoot1Tim Marczenko of Toronto claims that Durham County police harassed and falsely arrested him for possession of a controlled substance. Marczenko was trudging through the brush and apparently police suspected that he was a pot grower. He was actually searching for Bigfoot. According to the National Post, Sasquatch-seeking is an alibi that others have tried using in the region. But Marczenko was serious!

“(The police officer) asked me, ‘What are you doing out here?’ I told him I was investigating a Bigfoot report and he said, ‘Wow, you’re a terrible liar,’ ” Mr. Marczenko said. ” ‘I know it sounds crazy but I’m not lying about it,’ I said. He kept telling me I was lying about the situation.” "I’m not growing pot, I’m searching for Bigfoot"


    1. Turns out that “Bigfoot” was actually just old Mr. Witherby in a costume he used to scare people away from his pot farm.

    1. He was still issued a $70 trespassing ticket.  I wonder if he was actually trespassing, or if that was calculated to be a low enough amount that he’s likely to just pay it rather than deal with the hassle of contesting it, so that it can look like he was still breaking the law…

    1. The cop calling the guy a liar is a total jerk.  On the other hand, if he’d told him he wasn’t making sense, well, the guy had just said he was looking for Bigfoot; even the Bigfoot believers I know understand that most people think it’s silly.  “Birdwatching” makes a much more credible lie, if you’re lying.

  1. Squatch (as in sasquatch) wool was slang for weed where I grew up. Maybe he was looking for a bigfoot to harvest.

  2. Are we getting the whole story here? Did he have binoculars, or was he carrying a shovel and pruning shears. If while walking out of the woods a cop asks what was I doing back there,and I say taking pictures. It helps my story if I have two large cameras and a tripod. Would you go looking for Bigfoot without a camera around your neck. 

  3. Remember all those old shows where some guy would say he was in Turkey and some locals took him to see the remains of Noah’s Ark. I would always scream at the TV  “And you didn’t think to bring a camera?”

  4. Glad to hear that Durham County police are protecting us all from the dangers of growing a plant in the woods.

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