Wirecutter's roundup of summertime gear

Brian Lam and his team at Wirecutter have come up with a list of the best electronics for maximizing summertime fun. Aloha shirts, battery packs, barbecue grills, electronic bug catchers, and more.


  1. I was intrigued about electronic aloha shirts and checked it out, to mild disappointment. The $98 Hawaiian shirt they recommend does look cool, but is a polyester/cotton blend, which isn’t the greatest in the heat. I’ve amassed a small collection of cool vintage Hawaiian shirts from thrift stores, where for $3-4 you can get sometimes-rather-neat old shirts in cotton, rayon (the classic aloha fabric), and silk (not that that’s better than polyester for heat). There are almost always a couple in any thrift store you might go to, but to be fair, it’s relatively rare to find a really neat one.

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