Frequent caller to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's radio show is secretly guy now on the mayor's payroll

Toronto mayor Rob "Laughable Bumblefuck" Ford -- the man accused of smoking crack with gang-members, and whose family are alleged to have ties to the KKK and organized crime -- has made a career out of avoiding answering serious questions posed by the press, preferring to address the public via the talk-radio program he and his brother, Councillor Doug Ford (accused to being west Toronto's hashish kingpin in the 1980s) host.

Now, the CBC reports that one of the longtime callers to the show was, in fact, a paid employee of Rob Ford:

In March of last year, “Dave from Scarborough” called in to say that LRT stood for “left-wing redundant transit,” as opposed to light-rail transit.

The next month, the same “Dave from Scarborough” slammed the proposal from the city’s medical officer of health to reduce speed limits.

That May, a “Dave from Etobicoke” offered his take on stores charging for plastic bags:

“That, in my humble opinion, is fascism, and it's ludicrous that comrade [former mayor David] Miller and his merry band of big-brother, I know better than you, paternalistic, heavy-handed, Looney Tunes socialists should be setting the agenda of this great city of Toronto,” the caller said.

"Dave" is David Price, the mayor's director of operations and logistics (also alleged to have helped run Doug Ford's hashish empire in the 1980s).

Rob Ford's friend 'Dave' made calls to mayor's radio show [Jamie Strashin/CBC]

(Thanks, Dave!)


  1. Why does the right wing hate trains so much? It’s the same here in the US. You would think the locomotive was invented by Stalin himself.

    1. Because our economy is based on creating artificial demand and this is much more easily accomplished if everyone is expected to buy one or more motor vehicles and frequently refuel it/them.  Resource efficiency and conservation are for liberals apparently.

    2.  One of the things that I’ve found out is that if the liberals like it (or are believed to like it) they hate it. You know that it is true when things that they should also like, they start hating because Obama likes it.
      “What every you are for I’m again it.”

      1.  Yeah, I think this is definitely true for a lot of the conservative rank-and-file.  Since most Republican voters’ interests differ so much from that of the party’s elite any explanation of why the right wing does anything is incomplete without speaking to both separately and I think you nailed what I left out of my previous comment.

    3. It’s heavily associated with urbanism, which is turn is associated with collectivism and left-wing politics. Trains, and public transportation in general, better support and encourage urban density. They also require subsidy and, unlike road systems, their subsidization is much more explicit.

      Rather than treating rail as part of a transportation system along with roads, air travel, etc., it’s easy to point at it and say “this costs the city $XXX and only covers 30% of its operating expenses”. It is much harder to make this argument for e.g. highways, which are also heavily subsidized (esp. in the US).

      For rural and suburban conservatives, rail makes no sense either–they’re stuck in a driving mindset. You drive from your garage to the parking lot of work or the suburban store, 5-10km away, and it takes 10 minutes. Why would anyone want to PAY $3 (or whatever) for something that takes 20 minutes to go 5km? And you have to walk to a station, vs just walking to your garage.

      I had an acquaintance tell me, without a hint of irony, that “it’s not just a car: it’s your freedom.” This stuff is deeply ingrained.

      And this is not to mention a kind of classism, particularly in north america, that sees all public transportation as a charity for poor people, and cities in general as hotbeds of crime and poverty. Which, to be fair, is kinda what you get when you purposely de-fund all the services that make cities actually work.

    1. Funny how people still are surprised or incredulous about the amount of astroturfing going on out there, from callers like this guy to people spamming comments.

    2. Yeah, this is more sock-puppetry, to the point where Rob Ford’s actual hand may be stuffed up David Price’s actual orifice.

      1. that term would also have been acceptable.  

        and yes-indeed! to Navin_Johnson — even i (a nobody) have been witness to campaign interns being specially assigned to add comments to local blog pages to favor a certain candidate or lambaste the opponent.

        1. Hmm, there is a local free paper, formerly the Eye but now called the Grid and there was a particular right wing commenter named “Scarborough Dave” who had some pretty amazing pro-Ford and earnestly, indignantly stupid things to say on many topics online…..

  2. To be a little more accurate, Dave Price wasn’t actually an employee of Ford at the time of his calls.  Price was only hired early this year (nobody really knows what for, since everyone has refused to release his job description) and it seems like there hasn’t been any calls since then from him.

    He was, of course, quite close to the mayor and his brother, just not an employee.

    1. Technically, he wasn’t an employee of the Mayor’s office or city hall. 
      But I’d like to see he T4’s for last year, see who was paying him, wanna bet it was Deco Labels?

      1. I would take that bet.

        Not because I don’t think he was doing it with the full support of the brothers Ford, but because what with the alleged involvement with Doug’s alleged activities during the alleged ’80s, he might be pretty comfortable with less traceable methods of payments.  Also that he’s a true believer that would do it for free, just for the joy of lashing out at the enemy.

  3. Maybe I missed a post or two, but it seems to me if BB is going to cover the silliness of the Toronto mayor, it might as well cover what’s going on in one of Ontario’s neighbouring provinces, where numerous municipal officials, including the mayor of Montreal, have been charged with actual crimes; and where major cities, possibly soon to include Canada’s second largest, have been placed under provincial trusteeship.  I mean, Ford is good for a laugh and all, but he’s really just a sideshow.

    If there is real corruption in Toronto politics, beyond the truly petty corruption that a radio-show shill-job represents, the Ford sideshow is keeping it out of the spotlight.

    On the other hand, it is a known fact that Canada’s second-largest city and many of its neighbours are riddled with corruption. But I guess the whole sad business lacks Fordian comedy relief, so it’s strictly of local interest?

    1. I like Cory Doctorow.  Let me preface by saying that.  
      But Rob Ford has gotten under Cory’s skin (and others, too, no doubt) to such a degree that as long as Ford’s in charge of Toronto (or anything more than a coffeemaker at Tim Horton’s, we’re going to be hearing about his corruption here.   That’s not to say other places aren’t as bad or worse, just that BoingBoing has a special, fanatical spot for Rob Ford.

      1. I understand all that, and also that BoingBoing has no  obligation to cover anything in particular. It just seems kind of a weird, petty obsession to have when there’s so much other, more meaningful rot in Canadian municipal politics.

        I strongly suspect that applies to Toronto, too — I think it’s highly unlikely that Toronto is immune to the kinds of rot and graft that plague Montreal. A little bird told me Toronto mobsters are shocked not by the extent of Montreal graft, but by the clumsiness of it that made it so easily exposed. It’s just random hearsay, but to me it has the ring of truth.

        But as long as people focus on Rob Ford’s crack pipe, Rob Ford’s bizarre lackeys, Rob Ford’s sizable gut, Rob Ford’s Quimbyisms, Rob Ford’s obsession with football, Rob Ford’s  drunken groping, Rob Ford’s brother’s alleged crimes 25 years ago, and Rob Ford’s sister’s association with white supremacists 25 years ago, it will just go merrily on.

        1.  It will “just go merrily on” like it did 150 years ago, 100 years ago, 50 years ago, and right now completely independently of whether some people also choose to laugh at Rob Ford.  Corrupt municipal politics isn’t exactly something new under the sun.

          1. Since defeatism is so convenient and easy, I guess we can all be thankful that the ongoing series of Ford fiascos is distracting everyone from real municipal issues in Toronto. No doubt the person who should be more grateful than anyone for all these distractions is Rob Ford himself.

          2. I personally don’t think it’s “defeatist” to point out that political corruption has been a facet of civilization for probably more than 3000 years now and in all that time people have still found the time to enjoy broad comedy. 

            To be consistent on this you’d have to argue that no one should have watched Charlie Chaplin movies in the 20’s because they distracted from important stuff like the Teapot Dome scandal and Al Capone.

        2.  It is, rather obviously, because Cory is from Toronto.  If my home town was being run by such a doofus, and I was an editor of BB, I’d be doing the same thing.  No doubt it Cory was from Montreal we’d be hearing a lot about it.

          1. Again, I get the Cory–Toronto connection. It’s just a tad disappointing that he’s let himself be sucked into a vortex of tabloid-style silliness, along with all the mainstream media outlets.

            Rob Ford is a buffoon and a boor, sure. But to focus on that just plays into his supporters’ hands. Don’t get me wrong, I would never vote for the guy, but don’t you think that focusing on this kind of trivia looks just a little like cover for an inability to hit him on substantive issues?

            Oh my, a politician’s radio show had a planted caller? What a shocker!

          2. What substantive issues? He doesn’t do anything. He just returns citizens’ calls, goes out and stares blankly at construction projects and other parts of the city, rants vapidly on his radio show, lies about having saved the city one billion dollars, rolls into work around noon on a good day, votes against any and all funding for arts, culture, and teh gays, and in general just occupies space in an obnoxious and obstructive fashion. 

            You’re asking people to raise the level of the debate in a situation where there’s literally nothing to debate. 

          3. Why bother with newspapers when BoingBoing is giving me exactly the same garbage as newspapers give me?

            (in reply to Antinous)

    2. Just think of the Ford brothers as ukuleles, and Michael Appelbaum as a viola caipira – both are small members of the guitar family, capable of producing nice music, but only one is going to get attention on BB.

    3. Cory’s from Toronto, not Montreal. He has family and friends still there. So he has a more personal interest in Ford’s antics.

      1.  I too enjoy a good chuckle at Rob Ford’s expense. I am also a past resident of Toronto and have family and friends there. I think I understand why Ford’s follies deserve *some* of our attention.

        But a sideshow’s a sideshow. I’m not surprised that the mainstream media has let the sideshow completely overshadow all kinds of more pressing issues, but I’m disappointed to see BB fall into the same trap.

        I’ll leave it at that. It ain’t my blog, so I know I just have to accept BB’s editorial decisions as they are.

  4. Montreal just apointed it’s third mayor in 7 months. Our temporary mayor who was put in place to replace our elected mayor who quit due to corruption allegations has himself been arrested on corruption charges. We are in the midst of a year-long municipal corruption scandal that has implicated everybody but the dog catcher. We just let a man who admitted to murdering both of his children walk away scott-free. We fine Italian restaurants for having the word “pasta” on their menus. We were probably the last place on earth where Sikh kids were not allowed to play soccer wearing their turbans. Yet, we can’t grab any international press because Rob Ford out crazies us at every turn. 

    1. London Ontario Mayor Joey Fontana is also facing similar allegations and charges of fraud with little media attention. Not too mention certain Senators and liberal Provincial governments of inappropriate gravy stains.

      Everyone look at the puppet Ford brothers, there you go, now respond. 

      Yes it does begin too seem contrived.

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