How do you get excitable dogs out of a rotting elk carcass?

Dogs in Elk is one of the canonical Funny Internet Message Board Threads, up there with the Mall Ninja, but you yungguns may not be familiar with it. Let ole grampa Doctorow take you on a walk through the prehistory of memes: "So what we did was put the ribcages (containing dogs) on tarps and drag them around to the side yard, where I figured they would at least be harder to see, and then opened my bedroom window so that the dogs could let me know when they were ready..."


  1. I was fortunate to be a member on Salon’s Table Talk forums (coincidentally, under the same username), and frequently chatted with the author of Dogs in Elk.  I remember reading that and laughing so hard I had to take a break from my computer to clean up my makeup!  Another favorite of mine that she wrote was Spandex Anaconda.   :D

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