Michigan medical marijuana non-profit gets $240,000 Google Grant

"The group, Michigan Compassion, says they will use the grant to promote medical marijuana awareness based on their philosophy of 'We must increase awareness to increase acceptance.'"


  1. I have a better idea.  Use the grant money to lobby the state house to stop putting restrictions on the legislation that 70% of Michigan voters made law.  

  2. Sadly a lot of “charities” use “awareness” and “education” programs to pay large salaries to favored employees with no real accounting of what is “done”. Just look at the Komen Foundation where most of their money is spent this way with little money going to clinics or breast cancer research.

  3. Registared charities only have too fork over 20percent of claimed donations too said cause, cooping 80percent for “administrative over head.” Its a great racket, charities. 

  4. I have an eVen better, better idea; use grant monies to build tornado-resistant greenhouses for mass cultivation and develop a nation-wide distribution network for FREE medical pot to qualifying patients who cannot afford “club” prices.

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