Stay Mayor: free Android game based on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's scandals


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  1. bombblastlightningwaltz says:

    Rod Ford is correct in not commenting on issues that are hearsay or conjecture. Making a game of it furthers his stance and ridicules the opposition. IMO. 

    I don’t appreciate his stance and approach although it is better then the muck slinging subjective analogies thrown at him. 

    Have proof? Show it don’t tell it.

    • Dan Hibiki says:

       they’re kind of busy being either in jail or dead at the moment.

    • David_LloydJones says:

      All of of human experience is both hearsay and conjecture.  

      The crimes of which Mayor Ford stands involved and accused go a little beyond these trivia. They involve photographs of his crack smoking, and a witness to that crime has been murdered.
      There is nothing “analogous,” nor “subjective,”about the multiple and serious reports that Ford was a BMOC as a drug wholesaler in high school. The charges are specific, self-consistent, true to character, and believable by reasonable people.
      If there is any context we need to understand all this, Ford ought to stand up and supply it.

  2. Kimmo says:

    Bwaaahahahahahah, installing as I type.

    The app description is gold:

    Help the Mayor Stay Mayor!

    Uh oh. Looks like the Mayor’s in a buttload of friggin’ trouble with that alleged video of him smoking crack! And who knows if it even exists, amiright? But juuust in case, why don’t you help him collect a heap of cash to buy it before The Gawker does. Only your twinkle toes can out-maneuver the Blood Thirsty Media to help him collect more than they did in that damn “Crackstarter” campaign. $201,255 to be exact. And hey, everyone needs a little boost now and then, so make sure you collect power up buckets of deep-fried courage for more footballs to throw at life’s problems… but make sure you avoid those pesky crackpipes!

    Good luck trying to Stay Mayor! Go git em!

    PS: Don’t smoke crack.

    ★ Heartbreakingly stunning 2D graphics

    ★ Fun and easy to play

    ★ Music by award winning composer Sam Allison

    ★ Made by the same team that brought you the Ikea Monkey Game!

    ★ Finally get a bit of control down at city hall using ONLY YOUR THUMB!

    ★ Helps numb the pain

    ★ Fun and easy to play again

    ★ Almost as funny as Toronto news stories

    ★ No where near as funny as commenters on Toronto news stories

    ★ Who are we kidding, this isn’t funny. The city’s management is in shambles and Toronto is a hyper polarized electorate with no hope for change in the next 18 months.

  3. Nadreck says:

    Need it!

  4. Sam Pourasghar says:

    It’s pretty fun, I kept running out of footballs but I managed to make the $300000. I was like “Yay! I won!” then thought “Shit, I shouldn’t have. I should be in jail or something”.

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