The Boy Who Loved Math: The Improbable Life of Paul Erdős -- great kids' book


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  1. Boris Bartlog says:

    Does the book touch on his use of amphetamines? I realize that would probably be considered wildly inappropriate in a children’s book (and yet my childhood copy of Curious George *did* have him getting smashed on ether…).

    • Ian Wood says:

      And then one day, Paulie found a magic pill.

      I didn’t even mind that I’d been beaten to the punch when I opened the comments. Ha!

      Incidentally, The Man Who Loved Only Numbers is a good bio to read.

  2. s2redux says:

    In the second spread, I’m pretty sure that office skyscraper to the left of La Tour Eiffel is supposed to be displaying a 7 of Diamonds, no?

  3. R. E. Warner says:

    Ha, Serendipity! In that first spread, Erdös is counting off the amicable numbers. Amicable numbers are pairs whose factors sum to one another. I just finished an illustration of that concept for a father’s day present (my Dad’s a mathematician and number theorist—his Erdös number is 2!) If you really like the print, it’s for sale on Bigcartel (

  4. TheKaz1969 says:

    ha. and the Epsilons are wearing epsilons…

  5. I hope the UK edition is localised.

  6. kartwaffles says:

    The illustrator seems to have confused “math” with “numerals”.

  7. webmanoffesto says:

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  8. randlepatrick says:

    The adult version is called “The Man Who Loved Meth”. (No disrespect…)

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