This Day in Blogging History: Wibo warchalking; Flight attendant goads autistic toddler into tantrum; HOWTO use a squat toilet

One year ago today
How to: Use a squat toilet: Most important: Cultivate the right mindset. Relax, pretend like you’ve been doing this for years.

Five years ago today
American Eagle flight returns to gate after flight attendant goads autistic toddler into a tantrum: Apparently, the flight attendant kept yanking on the autistic toddler's seatbealt to make sure it as tight, touching off a temper tantrum.

Ten years ago today
Wibomarks in the wild: First in-the-wild wibo ("Wibo: A wireless hobo") warchalking.


  1. The “Wibomarks in the wild” link is misdirected to the “Blogging Standardization…” article from yesterday.

  2. Squat toilets for adults – not that bad, there are actually a number of advantages over western style toilets. They can look and smell pretty gross if people miss, so it’s good that some have a hose to clean the floor. Remember to take toilet paper (or better, wet wipes); it’s not always there, and running water isn’t always guaranteed either (at least where I live, YYMV).

    Squat toilets for toddlers – F***ing impossible. You hold them over the toilet as described in this article: . You wait for a while, but they aren’t comfortable so you have to go back to the restaurant. This happens four or five times until they wet their pants or actually get comfortable (or desperate) enough to use the toilet. 50% of the time you’ve angled them wrong and they still wet their pants. The floor is often wet and there’s nowhere to put everything south of the waist if you want to avoid this risk. In the winter they are wearing several layers, so there’s no time either. Meanwhile, you are getting terrible cramp because you’ve been squatting in a very uncomfortable way for 10-15 minutes altogether. You have no chance to enjoy your meal as there’s another attempt every 5-10 minutes. Toilets are often half way across the shopping mall, so the entire meal is about feeding them, going to the bathroom, washing your hands, returning to the restaurant and starting again.

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