Website filler text based on the works of William Gibson

Need some filler text for a design? Screw Lorem Ipsum, go Lorem Gibson, "Website filler text based on the works of William Gibson." ::: smart- computer fluidity knife marketing modem apophenia faded corrupted marketing j-pop post- decay stimulate. woman fluidity j-pop Chiba Tokyo youtube corporation -space semiotics tower face forwards monofilament semiotics bomb. rebar nodal point free-market spook cardboard cartel garage futurity dead saturation point boy pen gang narrative ::: (via Bruce Sterling)


  1. Was anybody else struck by the immediate and unavoidable sense that a ‘monofilament semiotics bomb’ is definitely the postindustrial, transhuman upgrade to the Evolution Control Committee’s “semi-automatic truck bomb”?

  2. When a shortlived magazine I wrote a few pieces for put out a promotion before the first issue including page mock-ups, they really thought the text was too small to be read; but there are always a few people with time on their hands and a strong magnifying glass. What emerged was a tale of a man who had drunk himself into unconsciousness and had to be put to bed by two of his mates.

    Totally out of sympathy with the magazine’s content, which dealt with culture as influenced by digital technology. If memory serves me correctly, someone eventually tracked it to a work of Ernest Hemingway.

    Lorem ipsum may be boringly familiar, but it’s safe from inadvertent offence and copyright claims. 

    1. There are unfortunately accounts of clients who, upon seeing Lorem Ipsum filler text, immediately accuse freelancers of outsourcing design to a foreign country.

      Of course, such accounts could be fabricated, but they strike me as believable enough.

        1. is the most tragic one.

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