What is death?

What a treat! The BBC Radio 4 science show The Infinite Monkey Cage has started its new season, and the first episode is a corker, asking whether a strawberry is dead, and what is death, anyway? Podcast feed, MP3

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  1. micktravis says:

    I love this show, and was pleasantly surprised to see the new episode in my feed last night.  

  2. Medievalist says:

    Death is what we call the inevitable transfer of each of us to the next trophic level.  It is rarely, if ever, instantaneous.

    Which is why embalming and other forms of corpse-poisoning are hideous blasphemies that are (thankfully) doomed to failure.

    Hey, you asked.

  3. bombblastlightningwaltz says:

    Death is never having too worry about tomorrow. 

  4. ImmutableMichael says:

    I am looking forward to this…  It’ll be a real struggle, though, to top last year’s sound of Billy Bragg leading a Glastonbury audience in a call-and-response chant of the Venerable Bede’s name. 

    In the name of science, natch.  Or at least chemistry – it was Glastonbury, after all.

    • teufelsdrochk says:

      Billy Bragg needs his own show. Meanwhile, here’s a half hour of him with Maron.

      Also, anyone who randomly clicked these comments–Infinite Monkey Cage is really worth checking out. It’s a science/comedy podcast with a level of sophistication that not only doesn’t exist in other podcasts…it simply does not (publicly) exist in the United States. Give it a shot!

  5. “I have been half in love with easeful Death…”


  6. Analog Kid says:

    Not dead, just “pining for the fjords.”

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