Jack Kirby comic book story about the 4th dimension

"At the time, Max Hall and I owned a little hat store on High Street -- and on Sunday we liked to sleep late and relax in the apartment we shared. But when the trouble started, our relaxing days were over --" The Fourth Dimension is a Many Splattered Thing!


    1. I always dug me some Heinlein, but IMO Kirby’s laying it on a bit too thick here…

      I’d be leaning to so bad it’s good.

  1. Wasn’t that used in the Twilight Zone episode where the little girl got lost on the other side of the dimensional portal in the wall?

  2. Uh, I was wondering why Max and Eddie were living together myself — and why the Martian wasn’t a man. Ah well, at least DOMA was thrown out today!

    1.  Ah, you were misled by hur resemblance to a human female, were you? A common error.  Actually hu was a jurth, on of the seventeen (or nineteen, depending on how you’re counting) Martian genders.

  3. Page 3: “Man, this is going to be awesome! I’ve got so many neat ideas for cool ways to draw Eddie!”

    Page 4: “Screw it, I’m bored now.”

    And I agree, the Max-Eddie subtext takes this whole thing to Very Strange Places indeed.

  4. Nice find, Mark.  I love the way “the fourth dimension” and “mars” are just meaningless labels for what the artist & writer wanted to do, they don’t bother trying to be coy about it (contrast with dilithium crystals or midochlorians).

  5. “Hey, Ditko, what do these pills in your medicine cabinet do? There’s no label on the bottle.”

    “I dunno, Kirby, I just take one every morning with my coffee. Try one if you want.”

    “…whoa! Is this crazy shit what you see every day, Steve?”

    “…you mean that most people don’t?”

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