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6 Responses to “LSD ABC, fun "A is for…" animation”

  1. Stewart Berntson says:

    Very Monty Pythonesque.

  2. Syn - says:

    Wow, that is some good animation. loved this! 

  3. jhhl says:

    I hate to be picky, but that ectoplasm sure looked like protoplasm to me. 

  4. Kimmo says:

    Glitchfest, rather than exactly trippy. Not so much artefacts of the mind, but more technology.

    Anyway, it’s really quite good.

  5. deejayqueue says:

    The sound design on this was mind-blowing.  

  6. Darron Moore says:

    I’m guessing this would be even more trippy on acid?  I dug it hard straight…