Quick fix for uneven table legs: cork slices

The squishiness of the cork is what makes this work so well.

Quick fix for uneven table legs: cork slices


  1. The ‘crumb-composite’ corks might degrade after a while, depending on the adhesives used. Solid corks are likely to be pretty durable.

    The plastic-foam synthcorks probably aren’t all that UV stable, and may or may not have ye-olde-worlde-charme-and-natural-sponginess in exactly the same degree; but should also be pretty durable.

  2. The cork might fuck up your wine but you can cut it into slices to stabilize your tables.
    I still prefer the modern screw cap.

  3. If yr interested,  the Mean-Value-Theorem shows that, so long as your floor is everywhere differentiable, you can rotate your 4-legged table as-is and find a place where all four legs contact the floor. (To within obvious limits of floor-height variation vs. leg-length variation)

    1. I keep trying to explain that to people when we sit at wobbly tables. But get the geometric proof confused somehow.

    2. This is true, but not useful.  MVT guarantees the existence of a point where all four legs contact the floor, but does not guarantee that if the table is located in this orientation, the top is level.

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