This Day in Blogging History: Anti-cheating ring; Twig stove; Crashed exotic cars

One year ago today
Anti-cheating ring brands I'M MARRIED into the flesh of your finger: After wearing it for a sufficient time, your finger will bear the indelible mark of those words, advertising your marital status even if you slip the ring off.

Five years ago today
Rocket stoves use twigs to cook food quickly, efficiently: It uses twigs for fuel, so it's ideal for areas where the trees have been depleted.

Ten years ago today
Online gallery of smashed-up exotic cars: Includes descriptions of how the wrecks happened.


    1. Makes a good secondary bottle opener for when you don’t want to pull out your keys.

        1. That’s fourth on the list:

          Bottle opener
          Use another bottle (with a six pack you’re 83% covered!)
          Bite it off
          Smash the neck of the bottle off with a brick.

  1. I’ve never been hit on more in my life then when I was wearing my wedding ring; that’s one of the reasons I stopped wearing it.

  2. I know the scrolling text is there for comedy reasons, but enough already please :) *so annoying*

    1. If I was married I’d be tempted to wear one, as my job basically requires me to take rings off regularly. So maybe there’s a secondary, less depressing use?

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