Book shows you how to make analog synthesizers


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  1. Kenmrph says:

    Awesome to see Make/O’Reilly tackling this subject! If I didn’t already have a number of life-consuming hobbies, I could see myself happily hermitting out and building analog synths for the rest of my days.  Hell I might do it anyway.

    BTW the image link to Amazon doesn’t seem to be working.

  2. Ben Dornan says:

    If anyone wants a taste of what I guess is in there, Ray Wilson runs the excellent Music From Outer Space. Loads of schematics for things that have knobs called ‘oddness’, and some pleasingly retro web degign.

  3. abna brown says:

    Am I the only person to notice that this page link is only 1 letter away from being completely nsfw and blocked by every filter known to censor the interweb?? I really must wash my brain out with soap!

  4. Gyrofrog says:

    As they used to say in Peanuts, “aaaugh!”  When I was finishing college about 20 years ago I really got into this, but this was before widespread internet and I had to rely on the university libraries.  They had a few books from the 1970s, mainly by Delton Horn and published by TAB (who are evidently still around.  But gradually I got more and more interested in jazz to the point where building and using one of these things didn’t interest me as much (as opposed to, say, honing my sax chops, but then I didn’t really keep up with that, either).

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