Can we talk?


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  1. chgoliz says:

    “This evening, we’re going to be saying goodbye to Disqus, our current comment system here at Boing Boing.”

    I love you!

    That is all.

  2. Tavie says:

    if someone claims my name before I do I am going to be Very Pouty.

    • Tavie, yours should be reserved if you have a BB account with more than a couple of dozen comments. It’ll be like a password reset: so long as you have access to the email address you signed up to BB with, you’ll be good to go.

      Anyone who only has a Disqus account, however, not a BB account specifically, might not have their usernames reserved. But you’ll probably get what you want if you don’t dawdle and aren’t looking to grab something really obvious like “Banana”

      • mccrum says:

        “Just look at me!”

      • Ramone says:

        You’re assuming the Boing Boing account process wasn’t without it’s flaws. I’d had several before giving up and creating a Disqus acct. Somewhere on here are 2 previous handles I had to abandon because BB couldn’t get me access again.

      • awjt says:

        I don’t wanna be Banana, but I haven;t yet figured out how to keep my pb & j time avatar yet. Yet.

      • Gyrofrog says:

        While we’re on the subject and everything… My username is definitely there, but I don’t know the password, and
        resetting it doesn’t seem to do anything (no email yet, anyway).

      • dragonfrog says:

        Hm, I don’t think I ever regained access to my BB-native account (same name) after the switch to disqus.  And I’m pretty sure I used an email address that hasn’t existed in ages…

        If tomorrow I start posting relevant, well thought out, cogent arguments, you’ll know some anti-troll has seized my account.

        • Whatever your old account was, you should be able to grab the name now unless someone else wanted it really badly. 

          Eventually we’ll want to look at Discourseifying all our comment history and merge old BB accounts into it. But we want to make sure that the results ‘fit’ with the format and don’t create a big mess.

          • dragonfrog says:

            It’s dragonfrog, same as my disqus account.  It seems to be reserved in discourse, but I’m not sure what’s happening with the password reset mails – either they’re going to an email address I don’t even know about anymore, or the messages are languishing in a spam trap somewhere.

          • I’ll look ya up when I land.

          • tacochuck says:

             Same here, it won’t let me register the name, but no password reset emails either.

          • novium says:

            nm. The answer to every technical problem is to complain about it, and then it clears itself up ;)

          • Purple-Stater says:

             My name doesn’t work on Discourse, they don’t allow hyphens.  :-(

      • Tavie says:

         I’m in! I likes it!

      • Aloisius says:

        My account seems to be registered on discourse, but I can’t seem to recover the password. It could be because my WP email address had a special character in it?

  3. incipientmadness says:

    Change: Always a little frightening, but in this case I can only say “Good riddance.

  4. xzzy says:

    Fine by me, I never liked Disqus all that much anyways. Least favorite part is how the comments ceases to function if I block Disqus in ghostery. I have no idea why anyone would write comment software that required offsite access, but clearly someone felt it was important.

    Don’t get me started on the chicken/egg problem if you aren’t logged in. You can’t hit the log in button until you start typing a post, but if you type a post and then try to log in your post disappears. 

    • Comrade7 says:

      I agree with this commentary 100%

    • This should resolve the technical peculiarities we’ve experienced with Disqus. Promoted comments will be part of the HTML proper rather than AJAXed in, for starters! And there’ll be none of the current login  weirdness that sometimes results when the WordPress-Disqus mind-melding goes awry.

      • Ito Kagehisa says:

         It would be nice to get rid of the scripts.  I’d love to be able to run BB without scripts hosted by known bad players like Adobe.

  5. Raederle says:

    I think this is a great change, can’t stand Disqus.  Checked out the new site and it looks neat.  I tried to re-register Raederle there but it looks like creating accounts isn’t turned on yet :)  Will check back periodically.

    Great job!

    • You might well have a reserved account there. Try doing a password reset. (Log in > I’ve forgotten my password)

      • If that goes nowhere, be sure to sign up using the same email address that, in the mists of history, you used to sign up with Boing Boing.If that doesn’t solve it for you, rest assured that we’ll sort it out once it’s officially up and running. If anyone’s nipped in to squat a name, that’ll not be a problem for long.

  6. peregrinus says:


    But I can’t log in to the new thing yet (found it).  Seems I have an alter ego on Disqus or something.  Will I transfer, or dissolve into bytes?

    • You might well have a reserved username there.

      First, just try doing a password reset. (Log in > I’ve forgotten my password) with your current username.

      If that goes nowhere, be sure to sign up using the same email address that, in the mists of history, you used to sign up with Boing Boing.

      If that doesn’t solve it for you, rest assured that we’ll sort it out once it’s officially up and running. If anyone’s nipped in to squat a name, that’ll not be a problem for long.

  7. Gilbert Wham says:

    So long as it’s not some shonky FOSS implementation of Kinja…

    • It’s not much like Kinja, FWIW — more like a traditional but simplified web forum.

      It’s been super-reliable and fast in testing! Touch wood!

      • Stephen Schenck says:

        That’s good to hear – I came to offer the same advice. Kinja ruined the Gawker empire commenting experience by over-complicating it. I think the number one thing a commenting system should be is simple. Comments don’t need to be the same kind of rich media as posts themselves.

        • Gilbert Wham says:

           Absolutely. I hate the elitist ‘starred commenter’ bullshit as well (and, by and large, Gawker commenters, but hey, ho).

  8. hassenpfeffer says:


  9. Steve White says:

    Will it work with my Mosaic browser?

  10. madopal says:

    I would have been so stoked if you had really gone dial up BBS for comments.

    • It’d be cool, wouldn’t it? Running on a top of the line Commodore A4000 with 18MB of RAM. Could have dozens of concurrent users with one of those hotrods.

      • Gilbert Wham says:

         Someone offered me an A4000 a while back. I still don’t have the money, space, or, obviously, need for it, but Jesus Tittyfucking Christ, I want it sooooooo much

    • xzzy says:

      Unfortunately none of us have modems anymore. But you could fake it with tty.js or one of the similar javascript terminal emulators that are out there.

      • Xploder says:

         WRONG! I still have ALL my old modems…I refuse to throw away any technology even though I know for a fact that it will never be used again. Wanna buy a MacIntosh II si? Got one – even got the printer still in the box.

        Yeah, I’m pathetic…

        • dioptase says:

           Hey, I’ve still got a J-Cat 300 baud modem around here somewhere.  It was really fun typing faster than the modem could transmit when the overhead got really bad.

          • Xploder says:

             Larf…I had one of those when I was stationed in Germany. Nothing like taking all night to get a one page summary transferred from across town.

            I still have (ahem) my original copy of Windows 1.0

        • BillStewart2012 says:

          I still have modems around as well, and use them for controlling equipment remotely for work.

          My mom uses them as her primary internet connection – she’s got limited vision, so doesn’t use the web much, and modems are more than adequate for email.

      • Jardine says:

        I have a new dialup modem ready to install because there are enough people around here who can’t get any form of high-speed internet access.

  11. mccrum says:

    I feel like I should say something positive about Disqus just to counterbalance.

    However, I cannot, in good conscience, do that.  Long live Discourse!

  12. David says:

    Even though you chickened out and didn’t go with a dial-up BBS system for comments, can you still play the dial-up modem tones when we log-in to our accounts? That would be cool.

    • wygit says:

       I SO miss the Dragon’s Den and 24th Street Exchange!
      (Here in Sacramento, CA)
      And yes, I would love an option to do the modem noise when we open a comment box. And the pause.
      That would be good for, “Do I REALLY want to say this?”

  13. Yay. Will this get rid of that stupid advert thing that pops up and stops comments loading on my iphone all the time?

    • It’s not the ad causing that — I think it’s just the way Disqus works, summoned as a separate iframe when you scroll to the bottom, where that ad lives. 

      Now the  best comments will render as part of the page’s HTML, unless I’m very much mistaken, so will render first.

  14. T-ray says:

    Cheers for the change.. but I am a little sad that TELNET wasn’t a viable option. :)

    • Jeremy Pickett says:

      considering the amount of putty windows i have open at any one time, a console window to comments would be *perfect*

    • dragonfrog says:

      telnet has some nice features, but it relies on TCP/IP – and really, TCP/IP is not likely to catch on.  Flash in the pan, is what TCP/IP is.

    • BillStewart2012 says:

      Oh, please!  Everybody uses ssh instead of telnet these days, except the people who want to use the web by hand and telnet to port 80.

  15. numbone says:

    Thanks for the continued innovation and support.

  16. PathogenAntifreeze says:

    Since it’s open source, perhaps someone can author a Telnet frontend, and then you guys can add that as an option too.  Seriously, that was my favorite part of the announcement!

    • I think it already has an API with json! At the very least, we’ll be offering a “Green-On-Black” option for people who love nostalgia and hate their eyes.

      While it doesn’t specifically relate to the open-sourcedness of it, Discourse also offers one-click data portability, so I’ll be easy to synch your comments out of the system.

  17. jgs says:

    Thanks and good riddance.

    I also wish to associate myself with every single other bad thing everyone has said about disqus in this thread. 

  18. I’ll be the outlier: I rather like Disqus for the most part, in spite of its myriad issues. But from everything I’ve heard about Discourse so far, I still consider this good news.

  19. Souse says:

    Mutant Jacques-Louis David FTW!

  20. Missy Pants says:

    But I like your name! And mine… can I keep my name? Pretty please!

  21. PhantomPeanut says:

    I am cool with this. Though I posted under like 3 names because I change passwords often and sometimes forget them thus abandoning the name. I will contribute to this proper. 

    Any restrictions on like making a thread for my weird art projects, or is it a new frontier of all around awesome fun stuff?

  22. ffabian says:

    Meh … a comment system where your posts can’t disappear into thin air (’cause of glitch or moderator) is no fun.

    • Oh, rest assured, we can make comments disappear.

      • Gilbert Wham says:

         What about their replies? Reverse-engineering troll comments is one of my favourite after-dinner pastimes.

        • bcsizemo says:

          If you haven’t noticed, they are pretty much like Gods, and we are simply here for their amusement.

        • peregrinus says:

          I liked specialising in responding to the “you can earn $7,000 an hour sucking oysters on your couch” spams.

          When the comment is deleted and the rest of the thread remains, it’s a delightful exercise in black-box penetration of what the original comment was.

          comment removed” was so fun.

  23. knoxblox says:

     Motorcycle Boy reigns, but *knoxblox* remains!

  24. Scott Rubin says:

    Would rather see Lussumo Vanilla instead of Discourse, but it could be worse.

  25. Bryan says:

    “If you’re clever, you might already be able to figure out the URL and sneak in early.”

    Well, there goes my productivity for the day…

  26. Richard Pusateri says:

    What I am trying to say is…. who threw the firecracker? Well, you oughtta be locked up!

  27. foobar says:

    Oh thank FSM.

  28. voiceinthedistance says:

    Great move. I make what may be my last Disqusting comment with profound tears of joy. Suck eggs Big D.

  29. nowimnothing says:

    Can we talk for just a minute about what that girl is doing to that poor unicorn’s horn?

  30. ToMajorTom says:

    What will become of the beloved (or behated, depending) moderators?

  31. rebdav says:

    If it eliminates off-topicism like this heroic bit of douchbaggery on my part  then hand picking the best comments for inclusion rather than a usenet like comment section where first idiot to comment comes out on top is probably wise. 
    BTW I never did properly apologize to you Rob for the above, I am sorry.
    I just now started commenting again finally caving to Disqus at the very end but maybe it is best to let my BB username dry up and blow away.
    Thanks for all the fish BoingBoing comments section.

  32. redstarr says:

    The forum type thing could be cool.  I love the comments on Boingboing.  Hands down the best comments section of any of the sites I visit regularly.  Always top-notch content there.  I’m usually not a big forum fan, but I’m not usually a big comment fan either.   I could see it being a fun way to discuss some stuff with cool people that isn’t necessarily related to an article on the main page.  I occasionally see an article or have a thought that’s the kind of thing that would appeal to boingboing visitors and wish that they were discussing it so that I could read their comments and join in their discussion on it.   They might be having at it on the forums.  Or I might even throw it out there myself.  I’m looking forward to it. 

    • The comments will still be published after posts — just the best of them, excluding stuff that’s conversational, controversial or content-free. Whereas all that good stuff will have its own place where it can flourish, linked from but not chained to the post.

      • ffabian says:

        Excluding controversial stuff? How dull.

      • Gilbert Wham says:

         See, that’s what I was afraid of. FOSS Kinja. Right there. The thing I disliked most about that was the way it destroyed the egalitarian nature of comments. Yeah, there’s assholes, but there are also people who are interesting, or just plain funny, who disappear under systems like this.

  33. SmillaSnow says:

    I am happy for BB, but I will not be taking part unless the rules of discourse apply to ALL forum posters – INCLUDING mods.  The nastiness I often saw in the Disqus comments made me wary of participating.

    • wygit says:

       I kinda feel the same way… It has seemed at times that the most “intolerant of looking at the other side of an issue, even to try and figure out why it exists”, viewpoints at BB belonged to a few of the moderators.

      And re: your username? Loved both the book and, later, the movie.

  34. er0ck says:

    found it.  still requires JS from third parties, but perhaps this ship has sailed.  i guess i should trust JS? 
    doesn’t require 3rd party cookies.  huzzah.  requested a passwd reset.
    i thought for a second that it was
    but then i vaguely remembered that hellish day…

  35. skeptacally says:

    oh, not cool!

    if i recall — and neither my short term or my long term memory are quite what they used to be — i used to have a boingboing account, but somehow got shuffled in the disqufication process.

    now i try to reclaim my skeptacally name and someone else owns it.  it sure isn’t attached to any emails that i use.

    total bummer.

  36. Harold says:

    Again!?  By my count this is the third commenting system since BoingBoing turned comments back on a few years ago.  Add in the old Submitterator system and this makes four accounts I’d have made to use this site.

    On the plus side a friend tipped me off to Discourse a few months ago and I was able to reserve my username on the site, which reserves that username across all sites that use Discourse.

  37. lishevita says:

    I came here to see what the new thing looked like, but it’s still Disqus. *pouts* Here’s to looking forward to seeing the new shiny!

    • Soon! The URL isn’t really a secret – it’s at

      • lishevita says:

        Hmmm… it keeps telling me that “lishevita” is already taken, but when I say that I “forgot my password” it doesn’t send me email. Could it be that after 20 years someone else on the Net has also started using this nickname? Or is this an effect of the BoingBoing nickname reserve?

        • lishevita says:

          So, yes, it does appear to be a result of the BoingBoing nickname reserve. I’m not sure how to “claim” my nickname however. Discourse isn’t sending a one time login to my email in response to “i forgot my password” and it doesn’t recognize my Google account as being the account connected to the name. 

          Has anyone who has managed to claim their nickname over there give me some insight?

      • Cowicide says:

        I guess I’m screwed.  I signed up for discourse earlier, but went to that url just now and can’t use my name/password to get in (it says Incorrect username, email or password) and when it sends an email I don’t get anything.

        I think I was signed up to boingboing directly and to disquss as well, but the process was so confusing I’m not sure which I’ve been using since.

        Have no idea how to sign into now and no idea what email they may or may not be sending my password reset to.

        • skeptacally says:

           thanks!  i was locked out as well, read this, and then tried my twitter account.  good as gold.

          i have no recollection of my boing boing disqus account being linked to twitter, but…  there you go.

          • Cowicide says:

            i have no recollection of my boing boing disqus account being linked to twitter, but… there you go.

            Let’s face it, we both probably did it while we were blackout drunk.

          • skeptacally says:

             this is why i don’t tell my wife about boing boing.

  38. Naturally, Disqus is crapping out today. I was determined not to be mean to them in this post, but it’s quite a challenge.

    • Cowicide says:

      I was determined not to be mean to them in this post

      How about some constructive criticism for them, then?

      [cow pokes Rob with stick]

  39. paulehoffman says:

    Errr, what? It is the service listed for comments. Not Discourse.

    Maybe an update post is needed?

  40. strophariad says:

    Apparently we can’t talk about the new policies.

  41. public bizmail says:

    I love the mashup of the Jackhammer Jill and  
    Jacques-Louis David’s Napoleon at the St bernard pass 

    Can someone please tell me where I can see the rest of this brilliantly executed image??

    Thank you.

  42. PKMousie says:

    Oh hey! My favorite nick, free on Discourse. Wewt! Goodbye clunky half-acronym!

  43. Great. My 10,000th avatar, signing-in, password process to make a note of.

  44. IronEdithKidd says:

    OK.  I think I’m in the new system, including my avatar.  For those of you who haven’t gotten your avatar in yet, it’s a bit of a PITA.  You have to sign up on a third site, and WordPress might not recognize you.

    All the same, quite pleased to see Dicksus get tossed to the curb!

  45. Martijn says:

    I never understood why a leading blog like BoingBoing had such a crappy comment system. I have no idea how good the new one is yet, but I doubt it can be much worse.

  46. mindfu says:

    I for one salute our new comment overlords.

  47. Eark_the_Bunny says:

    What Disqus, Discourse, Discount, Disgusting!  I always thought these comments were creating by everyone using ‘mental telepathy’ or maybe by just talking into a banana. Ah, the wonders of modern science.

  48. Professor59 says:

    Just checking to see if I made it.  Adding nothing.  Although, when I logged in to Boing Boing, it said WordPress, so I dunno.

    PS – I like BB’s comment section because I always thought it was one of the most civil on the net.  Maybe that was due to moderators and I’ve been protected from hate speech that way.  Either way, thanks!

  49. Xploder says:

    Signed up to reserve my name through Discourse. Now if I could only figure out how to get my avatar on there.

  50. Gilbert Wham says:

    Hmmm. Can’t log in w/discourse, but my name has spaces & it’s saying gilbertwham is taken. Wha’ gw’aan, Rob? Any clues? Ta.

  51. Daneel says:

    So my username is already taken (reserved?) but I haven’t got any emails about it…

  52. LinkMan says:

    OK, who stole “LinkMan?”

  53. GawainLavers says:

    Interesting.  I’ve been perfectly happy with Disqus, but I really dislike sites that essentially boot you to a forum (Ars, PA).

    On the plus side, Boing Boing would probably benefit from me commenting less.

  54. miasm says:

    ok, so I have this account

    • miasm says:

       any chance the above account has reserved it’s username in discourse? I hardly ever used it but thought I’d ask if there’s any chance you can find out

      hmm, I appear to be logged into wordpress, boingboing, disqus AND discourse

  55. miasm says:

    and I created this Disqus account because it can haz purty pictures.

    But I cant log in as miasm (the wordpress account above)  or this disqus miasm account.

    I tried the password recovery thing but it’s not arriving at my email address…

    edit1: I tried re-registering and the username is taken (reserved?) but I can haz it not… :(

    Please obi wan, halp

    • Harold says:

       Boing Boing: The Russian nesting doll of linked and/or “universal” commenting accounts.

    • miasm says:

       I came back to say that everything is working now and it’s great.
      Looks like this is Robs last Disqus post so I’m leaving the automatic space at the start of the comment as a sign of farewell to disqus.

  56. MrJM says:

    I’m not smart enough to make a merit-based complaint, so CHANGE BAD!!1!

  57. Cynical says:

    Ds ths mn thr wll b rtrn t dsmvwllng? Yy! Brng t bck!

  58. Do we really want to give Jeff Atwood, another successful project ?

  59. mmrtnt says:

    Am I still banned?

  60. skeptacally says:

    how will boing boing be deciding what “the best comments” are?

  61. Ah, but can I change my username during the switch, while retaining my history ? :)

  62. Aloisius says:

    Hrm. Count me as one of those people who can’t log in. Forgot password seems to say they’ll email me regardless of what email address I put in. I tried the one from my old BB wordpress account, username from disqus, etc. Hrmph!

  63. Cowicide says:

    Before this switches over, shouldn’t @Brainspore:twitter get an award or something?

    • Cowicide says:

      What a sec, are there two @Brainspore:disqus accounts?

      Damn you, Disqus!

    • semiotix says:

      Dude, it’s all about your commenting AVERAGE, not your total number of likes. That Brainspore guy, all flash, no fundamentals.*
      R.I.P., Disqus- @semiotix:disqus . You go to your eternal rest with 8.06 likes-per-comment and an AFRPA** of 141.

      * Kidding! Love that guy!
      ** Antinous “Fascist” Response Provocation Average. Wow, he only called me that three times in 423 posts? It seemed like more!

  64. BillStewart2012 says:

    You know what I hate almost as much as Disqus?  Gravatar!  And unfortunately, Discourse uses it.

  65. I guess I’m the only one who actually liked Disqus? Oh, well. I’ve started wrestling with getting set up on Discourse, it only took them a couple of hours to send the verification email. And now wants me to set up yet another login ID, on, if I want a custom avatar.

    It’s your blog, your rules — but before everybody on the web started turning against Disqus, I had grown quite fond of being able to check all of the comments I’d made on any Disqus forum for upvotes or replies, and I’d grown very fond of a single cross-site sign-in for comments. I guess I just have to give that up now. I wish I knew why; nobody at any of the sites that have thrown out Disqus has yet said what it was they didn’t like about it.

  66. gwailo_joe says:

    My likes! My 1000+ likes!!! Dead. Gone. Demolished. 

    I guess I’ll try and be clever again…somehow.

    • daneyul says:

      Yep.  Sucks.  I was saving for the bike–but I’m still 8000 away. 

      Now I guess I’ll just have to settle for the transistor radio.

    • semiotix says:

      I guess there’s no harm in admitting it now, but gaming you chumps for “Likes” was one of my favorite hobbies. Yes, dance, little monkeys. Dance right up to the “LIKE” button and click it with your monkey fingers. You want an au courant pop culture reference? You up for a little dash of retro computing humor? Perhaps you’d like to have your political buttons pushed a bit? All it costs you is a “like.” Yes. Yessssss. Feel your fingers creep up to it. Don’t hesitate. It feels so good. Just give in. Feed my self worth. FEED IT, YOU MONKEYS. YOUR INTERNET THREAD-GOD DEMANDS IT OF YOU. ALL SHALL LOVE SEMIOTIX AND DESPAIR.

      Oh well. Fun while it lasted!

      • peregrinus says:

        I feel strangely directed.

      • Ito Kagehisa says:

        I did that on slashdot before they had karma caps… ran six accounts up to huge karma by making informed comments on DNS and other technotriviata, with the intention of selling the accounts on eBay.  Then I met Rob Malda (slashdot founder) in NYC and he asked me nicely not to do that, so I abandoned all but one of them.  It was fun, in a walnut-carving sort of way.

    • skeptacally says:

      that’s the thing. boing boingers aren’t as clever if they don’t have a minimum of 400 likes.

      *goes to check his number*


  67. OldRogue says:

    This is a great site. Don’t know how I missed it before.

  68. mfrankly says:

    I was upset when BoingBoing started using Disqus to begin with. Several of us were very vocally against the change. I felt ignored and scorned and I pretty much stopped visiting BB at that point.

    I feel validated now, yay,. although I’ve lost my original BB login, and can only find one of my Disqus logins.I’ve never heard of Discourse, but I’m delighted that it’s opensourse—that alone makes it a better fit for BB. I’m looking forward to the change. 

  69. s2redux says:

    My goodness…BB is announcing a Big Change? Rob, hope you’re feeling better soon!

    On a complaining note, password reset doesn’t seem to be working for me…maybe, perhaps. I’m using a Disqus login, which was registered using a mailinator address. is telling me that ‘s2redux’ is already taken, so I’m guessing that’s me. However, it’s been over an hour with no response to the reset request…perhaps Discourse doesn’t like mailinator addies?

    Well, fingers crossed…I’d really hoping to survive this changeover.

  70. Ross Bearman says:

     I like the authoritarian lack of discourse on, I might use that from now on. The posts are a little stale, but I can pretend it’s a book with a beginning and end, chronicling a strange, begoggled herd of banana worshipping database records.

  71. I’m submitting a comment! That no one needs to read! On that rare site where I trust I can read the comments without losing use of my opposable thumbs! By commenting now I hope I’ve convinced the password expunger that I’m a live one.

  72. ethicalcannibal says:

    Honestly, I rather ambivalent. It’s important to me that there is a venue for discussion, and our mods here continue to do the great job that they do. That’s what makes it worthwhile to read the comments here. 

  73. NelC says:

    I thought I’d registered on the BBS last night, but today I’m getting told that my username is already registered and it won’t let me log in. *sigh*

  74. wygit says:

    Wonderful. When this post first went up, I went to meta.Discourse, (as soeone above suggested), created an account under this username, got the confirmation email, confirmed it, got the “claim your username across all Discourse sites”, did that, and now I can’t get into the BoingBoing BBS.

    If I try and log in with my discourse username, (this one), I get “Incorrect username, email or password”, if I try to create a new account with that username, I’m told it’s taken, and if I do the “Forgot your password” thing, i don’t get the email.

    Well, crap.

    • madopal says:

       Same boat for me….anyone solve this?

    • Sekino says:

       Same problem here.

    • wygit says:

      If you created an account at, on that page there should be a little talk balloon in the banner with a welcome message.
      I opened that and replied, explaining the problem with the BoingBoing BBS, and the admin there was able to help me out.
      He explained that BoingBoing doesn’t share accounts with meta, or even the “universal” account, but he was able to help me get my BoingBoing account set up.

      • madopal says:

        But I set up one at, not meta.  When I try to set one up at, I get the problem above.  So I can’t log in, and I can’t ask for help…the talk balloon just asks me to log in.

  75. Rindan says:

    I can’t seem to get my user name.  I double checked that my e-mail in this system was what I thought it was… and it is.  Despite that, when I try and recover my password (which is how I assume I claim this user name), I get no e-mail.  Yes, I checked the junk folder.  I really like this name.  :(

    • wygit says:

       I never got the “Forgot Password” email either, but I created an account at, and when that went through I was able to respond to the welcome message there to the admin, who helped me get the BoingBoing account set up.
      Hope this helps.

  76. Kimmo says:

    So I guess this is my last Discus post on BB.

    Pity about all the other Discus-powered sites I discovered via the dashboard…

  77. Lilah says:

    In order to register my name at the bbs (lilah), I was required to enter the matching associated email. However, I’ve recently terminated that email account, so the confirmation email has been sent to Nowhere. What do I do?

  78. HarveyBoing says:

    Uh. I have tried several times to activate my reserved account on the new system, to no avail.

    I click the “forgot password” link, and have tried both with my registered email address, as well as the user name itself. None of those attempts resulted in me receiving any password reset email.

    Of course, I can’t find any sort of “for admin help, email us here” link anywhere on the BB site. Makes it kind of hard to request any sort of admin help.


    EDIT: also, I noticed that I can enter anything I like in the password reset box and it will claim that I will receive email shortly. In other words, there’s not even any way to confirm that my BB Disqus account has actually been transferred over.

  79. Zhiva says:

    How long does it take for activation email to arrive?

    • Zhiva says:

      Received activation email. Hours later. Tried to log in, got told that you sent another activation email. Now waiting for this second activation email.

      Also, so far new comment system is worse than Disqus. To see the comments, I have to open article page, then scroll to the bottom of “best comments” list, and then click “continue discussion button”. With Disqus, and with earlier comment system, I only had to open article page and comments were right there.

  80. peregrinus says:

    Hmmm having the activitation issue on my peregrinus username!  Wordpress account, done from BB, only ever signed in via the BB button … won’t send me the email!

    My name is reserved  … but I can’t get to it!  Please help!

  81. As long as Antinous doesn’t insist on such an old version of the software that it doesn’t work properly on any modern devices, then I’m game!

    See you on the other side Antinous! ;)

  82. Alias Cummins says:

    Nothing good ever came out of a sentence that starts with “can we talk”.


  83. Sekino says:

    I  have been trying to reset  the password since last night and I’m not receiving any emails.

    Should I just wait for a few days and try to grab my username once it is freed? how long is it supposed to take?

    Edit: Actually, I registered an account with Discourse, which did get me an activation email. But it’s not working on BB, so now I don’t know if my username will be released at all (or if I own it but cannot access it).

    • wygit says:

       I went to the welcome message on and replied there to codinghorror, explaining the problem.
      He forwarded that to someone else, who got back to me, who said BoingBoing is not one of the sites where the universal discourse account logs you in, so you have to create an account on boingboing again, but that my name was one of the ones reserved.
      I tried again, and got the message  “Already registered. Try wygit1?”
      When I checked the dialog, though, I saw I had a typo in my email address.
      Once I fixed that, it let e create the new account.

      So one of the things to check is that you are using the same email address you used when you signed up for boingboing.

      • Sekino says:

         Thanks a lot for the help!

        Unfortunately, I think I’m stuck then: I now remember I’ve had a similar problem when the switch to Disqus was done. I couldn’t change my old email (long defunct) to my new one, it kept reverting back. So I opened a Disqus account with the same username…

        So that probably means that my reserved username is currently assigned to the old, dead email account.

        Any way to release usernames earlier than ‘a few weeks’? Guys??

        (if not, the silver lining is that I’m going to be a lot more productive for a while… *sigh*)

        • wygit says:

          Maybe the admin at discourse can help? Or put you in touch with someone at BB who can help?
          Did you find the Welcome message I was talking about at Discourse?

          Good luck to you.

          It was funny, when BB switched to Disqus, I couldn’t find my old BB password anywhere, but when I was trying something here this morning, LastPass prompted me with my old BB password… not my Disqus password, but the old BB one I hadn’t used in years. Weird.

          • Sekino says:

            Jeez. I tried following the confirmation messages I  received after registering to Discourse to get to, but there it asks me to log in again before I can communicate with anyone (and my login doesn’t work). I  keep going in circles no matter where I go.

            I’ll give it a bit of time to see if any solutions come up for people who are locked out, then I might just start anew with another username.

            Thanks again for your help and info! That was mighty good of you :)

  84. wygit says:

    I think the reason the “Forgot Password” link isn’t sending an email is because you don’t HAVE an account on the BoingBoing Discourse BBS yet, so it can’t send an email to reset the password for your account, because you don’t have one.
    (Is that confusing enough?)

    I was having the problem this morning, and did the thing of creating an account on, and “claim this name on (almost) all discourse sites”, and still couldn’t get the boingboing BBS to work, so replied to the “Welcome” message on (the talk balloon in the banner) and explained the problem, and he said claiming the name doesn’t actually create the accounts on all the discourse sites, since you might not WANT an account on some site whose politics you’re vehemently opposed to. You just claimed the name in CASE you want to create an account on those sites.

    So while I was emailing back and forth with the admin, he said to try and create the account again on the BB BBS, and I told him I got the “Already registered. Try wygit1?” message, which I had gotten in my earlier attempts, and he said check the username and email I had entered, and sure enough I had a typo in my email address. I fixed the typo and got in.
    I don’t THINK I had been typing “” all morning, but who knows?

    So you might go that route, of trying to create a new account with your old name on the BB BBS, and if that doesn’t work, create an account on and then contact the admin there.

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