Public transit patent trolls get thrown under the bus

In a field of horrible, amoral scumbags, patent troll ArrivalStar is an exceptionally awful enterprise. They have a huge portfolio of ridiculous patents for obvious ways of tracking where public transit vehicles are and using that to coordinate schedule information, and they use that portfolio to extort massive sums from public transit systems in cities across America. After a years-long reign of terror -- which included the Electronic Frontier Foundation getting one of their patents gutted on rexamination -- the The American Public Transportation Association and the Public Patent Foundation have filed suit to get the whole portfolio knocked out. Good luck, APTA and PubPat: our cash-strapped cities need you.

4 Responses to “Public transit patent trolls get thrown under the bus”

  1. silkox says:

    I had been wondering why bus tracking apps seem to be so uncommon. In the Pacific Northwest – Seattle – Puget Sound area, we have the awesome OneBusAway, but it seems unusual. Now I know why.

  2. Reed James says:

    If your looking for maximum pun impact shouldn’t they be thrown under the bridge?

  3. Artor says:

    Ask not for whom the patent trolls, for it trolls for thee.

  4. Gilbert Wham says:

    Sadly, no patent trolls have actually been thrown under buses have they?

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