Texas Senate will vote on abortion bill Monday, at behest of Rick Perry

An 11-hour filibuster by Sen. Wendy Davis (and a heady late-night mixture of parliamentary confusion and public protest) prevented the Texas Senate from voting on a restrictive abortion bill that would close almost all the state's clinics and ban abortion after 20 weeks. That was Tuesday. Next Monday, the Senate will convene again to vote on the same bill, after Governor Rick Perry ordered a special session to make sure the bill passes.


    1. I’d say he’s just as viable as he was in 2012. 

      Besides, it’s not like he needs to worry about the votes from women and minorities, he can just change the laws to restrict them from the polls, or jerrymander the districts enough that they can never matter.  What does he care what they think? 

        1. It held up in the Indiana Supreme Court recently when the republicans fined the democrats for doing the same thing a few years back.

      1. Wasn’t that in Wisconsin? So many reasons for Democrats to flee their dim-witted colleagues these days it is hard to keep track of. That, and sounds like one pretty unenforceable felony.

    1.  If this is another special session, then a quorum literally does not matter.  A majority of those present will suffice, which is why Davis’s filibuster was necessary in this last special session.

      This second session should surprise absolutely no one, as it is well within Perry and the Republicans’ power to call it and cram the bill through.  Davis’s and her fellow Democrats’ efforts had that firmly in mind the whole time; these were not about stopping the bill forever, but about dramatizing how the Pubbies were sneaking it through the back door to pass it with a minimum of public input. 

  1. Welcome to Whose Texas is it Anyway?, where the laws are made up and the women don’t matter. 

  2. Rick Perry was one of the biggest tea bagger frontrunners for the President of the United States for the Republican party.  Really think about the implications.

    Texas leads the nation in the percentage of residents without health insurance.  25 states have lower unemployment than Texas which is tied with Mississippi for more minimum-wage jobs than anywhere else in the United States.

    And, THIS is what he’s focused on right now?

    1. No, what he’s focused on right now is taking maximum advantage of the Voting Rights Act to minimize the minority vote in Texas.

      Perry Signs New Texas Congressional Map Into Law” [via TPM]

      This is the real battle in Texas right now, and the real battle in America generally.  If Texas is un-gerrymandered, then it could go solid blue in a decade, and the Whigs would basically be a permanent minority party.

      1. Sad how this civil rights issue has been virtually ignored. Wish people would care about *everybody’s* rights instead of just their own. Targeted voters are mostly minorities and poor so ya know……even liberals not that interested…

      2. No, what he’s focused on right now is taking maximum advantage of the Voting Rights Act to minimize the minority vote in Texas.

        Right, but disenfranchising voters is the status quo republicans are focused on 24/7.  That’s a given.

        It’s one of many reasons to vote in “lesser evil” Democrats if anyone ever wants to see a chance in hell for third party candidates someday.

        But, thanks for spreading that TPM link, more people need to know about it!

  3. This makes me want to give up and hide in a cave. How much more determined to lord it over women’s bodies could they be?*

    And then I read some of the comments on that linked news article and just despaired. 

    *None much more – Nigel Tufnel.

    1.  Real Texans don’t leave. We stay and fight. Like we did Tuesday night. Things are going to change here, and Wendy Davis and the Castro brothers are the harbingers of that.

      1. A year ago I’d have laughed at you.  But having read the statistical information that I have recently, I think you’re totally right.  When Texas changes (which will take about 10 years to a generation, depending on how hard and smart people in Texas are willing to fight) it’s going to change big, and it’s going to change America.

        1. Texas has never been as red as conservatives would like to believe. Ann Richards was the governor here, for goodness’ sake. Most of the major metropolitan areas are heavily Democrat. We just had a long dry spell because of some very creative gerrymandering. But if we can overcome some of the most apathetic voter turnout in the country we can go purple and then blue in less than a generation. A lot of people woke up to that when Wendy Davis started talking. 

          1. Well, that was a long time ago, and America generally has changed a lot since then.

            Bill Clinton was more liberal than Richards, but even then something of an anomaly in Arkansas, but in the intervening time Arkansas have been moving aggressively rightwards, demographically.

            But Texas is definitely different.  Sam Houston would be proud to watch Texas finally leave the Confederacy.

            I would be remiss if I didn’t mention, however, that Texas has the distinction of seating an openly gay mayor before even San Francisco…

      2.  In other news, the VRA is toast, the 15th Amendment no longer has teeth, and there’s nothing to prevent the Texas GOP from restricting voting in future elections to white men only.

  4. We all just have to remember that religious zealots and bigoted fanatics aren’t predisposed towards accepting defeat, and ESPECIALLY not as the result of the same procedural or restrictive and unfair rules that they cheerfully try and force onto everybody else. The more they lose, the more it reinforces their demented beliefs that they’re being “persecuted” and that they’re on some kind of holy crusade.

    These fuckers live in that psychic shithole where they genuinely believe that they are entitled to do ANYTHING, to ANYBODY, and that their savior or whatever will not just forgive them, but will eventually reward them for the inhuman crap they pull. “Voting them out” will only drive them underground, where they’ll breed like rats and nurture their psychotic views and creeds, out of sight of any societal overview or interaction, seething with bile until the crazy once again boils over and they erupt from whichever 16th-century redneck backwater they’ve been using as their “headquarters”. We will never be rid of them, and they are the curse of the human race.

    That being said, a democracy really does need them, if for no other reason than to serve as an example of what the results can be, when ignorance, prejudice and superstitious mania are allowed to flower.

      1. Thanks. Spent my tender formative years surrounded by gibbering, bullying religious nutjobs, and it left a permanent mean streak in my attitudes towards both them and those who pander to them.

        I say fuck ’em. Fuck ’em sideways and cripple ’em for life. They’re too goddamn stupid to realize how lucky they are that, even as grouchy as I am, I’m STILL far more merciful than they could ever hope to be.
        Because when I say “Fuck ’em sideways”, I mean a one-time occurrence, as opposed to the lifetime of oppression and censorship that they’d love to lay on everybody else.
        And when I say “Cripple ’em for life”, I mean “Cripple ’em for life” – Just as a warning to all the other pushy, gutless, bibble-thumping creeps whom they so depend on.

  5. This piece really needs to take advantage of that preppy college ROTZI-Nazi pic of  Perry.

    1. Much as I’d enjoy it personally, as we say here, ‘It makes nee odds’. There’ll only be more of the fuckers.

  6. I can’t find the exact quote they had on the morning news here in Dallas, but it was something about Perry ridiculing the disruptive people for preventing the Senate from doing the job “the people hired us to do.” But disruption and dissonance is part of what a democracy is, right? Oh, no, you’d just rather railroad your personal feelings into law.

  7. How long does this extension of the special session last? Is it possible to blockade the Capitol? No one can vote if few show up. I can get to Austin early next week 

  8. Get thee the fuck to Austin next week if you can. You can believe that once the special session restarts the AFR crowd will be there, They had 700 inside the Capitol two days ago, we need 200 more and forces on the ground to make sure they can get in and we need a blockade of the Capitol so that that doesn’t even happen. 

  9.  Rick Perry’s morals project his region of interest into your womb! He can’t help it, being such a god fearing, right-thinking, man of the people.
    Farewell Dicus posts from Maggie!

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