Brewster Kahle: What it's like to get a National-Security Letter

Maria Bustillos in The New Yorker: "Brewster Kahle, the founder of the nonprofit Internet Archive, perhaps the greatest of our digital libraries, and of the Wayback Machine, which allows you to browse an archive of the Web that reaches back to 1996" is one of very few people in the US "who can talk about receiving a national-security letter."


  1. Would it be illegal for everyone to daily post to a website called, “I have not received a National-Security Letter Yet”?  The website could keep track of everyone who’s registered there, and when a couple of days pass without a person checking in to verify that they haven’t yet received one, it would post “So-and-So has not checked in with us since [date] to verify that they have not received a National-Security Letter.”

    Would that be legal?

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