China's version of the NSA's Prism: Golden Shield

"China’s surveillance system is extremely wild, there are no rules governing it that are worth speaking of,” says a Beijing lawyer named Xie Yanyi, who filed a public information request with the police to reveal how China’s own surveillance operations work. The New York Times reports that "he filed the request as a private citizen, said there were three programs in particular he wanted to know more about: Golden Shield, Great Wall and Green Dam."


  1. “There are some stark differences between the United States and China when it comes to surveillance, transparency, and the rule of law, particularly as it relates to access to information requests,” said Greg Walton, […] “Mr. Xie won’t receive meaningful answers to his request for information because of absurd state secrets laws that trump regulations on open government,” Mr. Walton predicted.”

    Glad I live in the US then! FOIA and no absurd state secrets laws here, nope.

    (Surely I misunderstood the guy. Did he actually say that?)

  2. I’m currently using Chinese Internet. There’s a noticeable delay with everything you do, presumably as everything goes through these filters scouring for information. I thought the Internet would be fast and readily available, but it’s quite the opposite in my experience. Though to be fair I haven’t had the chance to use a line where I don’t have to share bandwidth. It’s also weird the amount of things that just don’t work, there’s obviously YouTube and Facebook, but I’ve found if a Boing Boing page has a link to Vimeo on it it won’t load, as well as lots of blogs and other sites linked through which simply don’t work.

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