Gentleman may be angriest guitar player of all time

I feel bad for him, because he is obviously in great emotional distress. And yet, I cannot stop watching or laughing. [Video Link, via Robert Popper]

Notable Replies

  1. This man would be an awesome metal/grindcore guitarist, he just hasn't realized it yet. Plus, the beard and 'stache make him a natural stage animal.

  2. Yipes. I found that a bit tough to watch.

  3. Take a lesson from someone who's been there: When you find yourself punching your own hand, find another hobby.

  4. I'd take up gardening personally.

    I found Part 2, and then this, which provides a mild contrast in so many ways:

  5. I've found that the best thing to do if I make this sort of mistake is to stop, slow it right down, get it right and then build up speed again, because the more times I repeat the mistake the harder it is to unlearn it. Just my experience.

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