S.E.C. starts inquiry of Thomson Reuters data

US securities regulators have started an inquiry into the media company Thomson Reuters, "and how it releases closely watched manufacturing data to its trading clients, a move that highlights the government’s continued effort to understand the high-speed trading systems that have transformed Wall Street." More: NYTimes.com.


  1. BBBBS (which won’t take my two-letter username)  must be a checkbox on posts or something! :)

  2.  Alright, since this seems to be the last Boingboing post with comments enabled, this is my goodbye, and my comment on the decision to have a forum with mandatory user account.

    I _hate_ being required to have user accounts wherever I go. Almost any effing online shop I ever use, requires me to think of some username/password combination, internet, utilities providers…whatnot. In the last year I have had to  create more of these than in my live before it, and since then the amount of spam that makes it through my filters has multiplied (anyone sense a connection?), and I have so completely lost track of my user accounts that I open a new one every time I order from the same store for the second time.

    I do not like this, and while I often did like to leave comments here, I do not want to be forced to remember yet another account for this site (and since you’re leading by example, on every other site I sometimes comment on), just to drop a word or two sometimes.

    So… sorry, this is not for me. I might just join the ranks of commenters again if you enable openID logins to your fora.

    1. Then instead of complaining about being required to use a username and password, which you are NOT. Why not just use one of the alternate auth methods Discourse supports?

      The BBS supports logging in with your Google account, Yahoo account, Facebook account, Twitter account, or Persona account (which aims to one day be as distributed as OpenID is). Surely you have one of these accounts.

      So you are NOT required to create another username and password. Hell, I never created one. I just used the same Google account I signed up for

      Also have you considered using something like LastPass? If you have to think about the password each time they’re likely not very good passwords anyways.

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