Second generation Peace Pilgrim makes second attempt to promote world peace

If you missed the greatThis American Life's episode from 2009 about Daryl Watson's short-lived but laudable attempt to "walk across the country in order to promote world peace and bring harmony to all nations" you might wonder from time-to-time what he is up to. This morning, I was telling my daughter about the original Peace Pilgrim, and so I looked up Daryl and learned that he started his second pilgrimage yesterday. Good luck, Daryl!

Daryl Watson's Peace Pilgrim walk

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  1. If Peace Pilgrim runs across that Xeni's angry guitar player, I hope someone is there to video tape it.

  2. I would recommend the book 'Planet Walker' if this interests you. By John Francis, who went on a 22 year peace pilgrimage, in silence. A great autobiographical account.

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