3d printed casts for a better future

Jake Evill is hoping that someday 3D printed casts will replace the bulky, stinky plaster casts we are all familiar with. De Zeen shares the story...

A patient would have the bones x-rayed and the outside of the limb 3D-scanned. Computer software would then determine the optimum bespoke shape, with denser support focussed around the fracture itself.

Notable Replies

  1. Should be comparing it to a fiberglass cast over gortex lining rather than old school plaster. That said this would probably be amazing for certain applications.
    Edit: perhaps I should say compare to both since plaster also has its advantages.
    Also this new comment system does not play nice with my iPhone. I will have play around with it and see if it is me.

  2. Looks cool. What about aircasts? Last time I had a break they fitted me with a cast that was basically a big balloon. Perhaps that wouldn't work on some major bone though.

  3. Beware of someone designing casts whose degree is in "media design" and not orthopedics.

  4. Someone needs to take the word "Bespoke" out of their description and poke them in the eye with it.

    (I do feel a little more comfortable saying that here than in the main page.)

  5. I've given it some more thought and here is what I have concluded: being mannered is OK, but doing it badly is a double failure. 'Bespoke' in this context seems forced. The word is used by tailors speaking to customers of a certain class. It means much more than 'custom'. As a word it is dripping with privilege and class assumptions. It means I will touch your private bits to measure you and not so much as a twitch of a smile will cross my face. It would be more appropriate and better marketing to say the cast is built from a direct scan of your body part and will fit precisely and comfortably and look attractive while doing so.

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