3d printed casts for a better future

Jake Evill is hoping that someday 3D printed casts will replace the bulky, stinky plaster casts we are all familiar with. De Zeen shares the story...

A patient would have the bones x-rayed and the outside of the limb 3D-scanned. Computer software would then determine the optimum bespoke shape, with denser support focussed around the fracture itself.

Notable Replies

  1. Should be comparing it to a fiberglass cast over gortex lining rather than old school plaster. That said this would probably be amazing for certain applications.
    Edit: perhaps I should say compare to both since plaster also has its advantages.
    Also this new comment system does not play nice with my iPhone. I will have play around with it and see if it is me.

  2. Looks cool. What about aircasts? Last time I had a break they fitted me with a cast that was basically a big balloon. Perhaps that wouldn't work on some major bone though.

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