Internet account believed to be Adam Lanza's shows early obsession with mass murder

The Hartford-Courant has found (but not revealed the name of) an online account believed to have belonged to Newtown school shooting gunman Adam Lanza. In posts on gun message boards, activity in gaming chat rooms, and Wikipedia edits, that user "showed a technical prowess about weapons and computers, a 'fetish' for a certain bullet and a near-fixation with correcting Wikipedia articles about mass killers." If that's Lanza, as authorities say, he was 17 years old at the time of the posts.

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  1. Yaanu says:

    A quick Google search of a quote from the article reveals the suspected account's username to be "Kaynbred".

  2. mcg says:

    Eh, I wouldn't be so harsh. Tens of millions means that hundreds of millions aren't in gaming clans, and I'll bet most don't know that it's a term of art. Putting in quotes seems justified for the likely audience. You wouldn't use the quotes if it were an article on, say, Boing Boing or Kotaku.

    Besides, that was at the end of the article. So if that's where you lost it, well, you held on pretty well! smile

  3. @Bazinga said

    "Virtually every one of the recent mass shooters was on a brain chemistry altering anti-depressant prescription drug of a type called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), a type that has known side effects that include psychosis, violent fantasies, and very rarely, the acting out of those violent fantasies."

    You might want to reference this article.

    All that you have done so far in your post is state that these mass murderers may have had psychological conditions and were prescribed medication for it. You have NOT shown that the mass murders were because of the medication nor have you even laid the groundwork for the assumption that the mass murders were because of their mental illnesses. Nor have you even demonstrated that the mass murderers were taking their medication! For all we know, mass shootings may be due to social isolation, and the fact that people with mental illness commit these mass shootings more regularly may be because they are the most likely segment of our young population to be socially isolated (in which case neither mental illness nor SSRI use would be directly related). You even say

    "When you have millions talking [SSRIs], these events will happen"

    This is ridiculous. You can't prove this. This is beyond simply an irresponsible statement. And this is coming from a person who is skeptical of the effectiveness of SSRIs.

  4. Also, turning someone into a demon seems like a type of denial. By pretending that he was somehow outside human parameters, we can pretend that it won't ever happen again. There are billions of people whose morals are no better than Mr. H. They're just not clever enough to seize the state.

  5. Before everyone goes drinking the kool-aid about SSRIs in tap water, you have to realize that the amounts found, at worst, in studies I've seen don't go beyond 60 nanograms per gram — or 60 parts per billion .

    For a frame of reference, regulations allow our drinking water to have up to 200ppb of cyanide, before it's unfit to drink.

    So this is stuff that the EPA keeps an eye on, but hasn't even been seen to be even a remote concern in humans.


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