Kickstarting a standing desk supported by empty bottles


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  1. sfcgeorge

    Oh wow I must be dreaming. A post on Boing Boing — one of my favourite blogs — is a dream come true. I'm absolutely ecstatic, thank you Cory!

    So if you haven't guessed I'm Simon George, the same SG of this Kickstarter. I'm happy to answer any questions.

    I'll address Cory's note head on. He is correct, I'm 19 so don't have any prior hands on manufacturing experience. I have a Product Design A-level, and much of those 2 years were spent researching manufacturing. The prototype SG Wave as can bee seen on the Kickstarter is a success (I'm typing standing at it now) and it could go to production as is (though I will be making some minor improvements). I have found 2 suppliers for every component — including the laser cutting — so even if one part of my supply chain lets me down I have backups. Each product has been carefully costed so I am certain that if funded I will have enough money to produce and ship all the rewards, with a tiny bit left over in case of unforeseen expenses. I backed the Printrbot 3D printer a year ago at a similar price, and know the feeling of trusting someone to deliver on their Kickstarter. But Brook did deliver, I even met him in person and he was lovely, so no regrets there. I hope I can deliver my Kickstarter in the same wonderful way Brook did with his, and I promise to do everything I can to make that a reality, keeping backers updated every step. I love my SG Wave, and I want to get it to as many people as possible so they can experience it too. SG

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