Photos of Indian reservation fireworks stands

J Gallone says:

One of the more interesting items found on the Skokomish Indian Reservation in Washington State are creatively named and festively painted firework stands.

Open a few weeks each summer, these thrown-together coops will experience a lucrative trade of eager pyromaniacs, standing three-deep, late into the evening for a chance to acquire the sort of munitions normally reserved for trained professionals or lunatic zealots. Thumb Crackers, Bone Thumpers, Ear Splitters, and Widow Makers… if it’s frowned upon by your municipality, you can find it on the Res.

Photos of Indian reservation fireworks stands

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  1. Great pictures. I used to drive up and down 101 and see these all the time. On one drive I snapped some pictures and put them up on a website. I just found them and found out I had taken pictures of mostly the same ones. However, I didn't want to stop and take pictures, I took them while driving and some are blurry.
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