Arpanet map, March 1977

This was once the entire expanse of the Internet. I was six then, and connected to a Vax (PDP11? PDP8?) at the University of Toronto by teletype terminal, but it seems that it wasn't yet networked.

Arpanet Logical Map 1977 (via Bruce Sterling)

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  1. Cool! Before Snow Crash and William Gibson's cyberspace stories, there was the 1977 novel "The Adolescence of P1." This map is the world it took place in. It was a great read.

  2. Note that towards the lower right... our friends at NSA are already on-board...

    And the surprise would have been... WHAT?

  3. jcc says:

    The vax didn't ship until 1978, so it would have been a PDP.

  4. I remember enjoying that book as well, although I did wonder if the publisher got an editor to spice it up with some good old 70's leisure suit and shag carpet ambiance. Thanks for bringing that book to mind.

  5. PGT says:

    I remember seeing that - I got online in late 1978, at Columbia University. Somewhere in my files is a slightly later map, printed on greenbar lineprinter paper, of the ARPANet circa '79 - about 200 hosts.

    Back then, Mail, Telnet, and FTP were the killer apps, and the large mailing list (the first online social media) got started with SF-Lovers, albeit sub-rosa.

    Back then, everyone online either worked for a government contractor, or was at a university which contracted to the government. The level of helpfulness and collegiality was far, far higher than today.


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