Evolutionary psychologist mocks fat people, devours own foot

On June 2, evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller declared on Twitter that fat Ph.D. students who didn't have the willpower to stop eating carbs wouldn't have the willpower to finish a dissertation, either. He later went on to claim that the tweet — and presumably, the negative reactions to it — was actually part of his research, not a reflection of his actual beliefs. (In other words, it was a social experiment, as the kids used to say on LiveJournal.) And now, the shocker: Yesterday, Miller's superiors at The University of New Mexico told The Daily Mail that the tweet was not, in fact, part of any research project Miller was working on. This is probably going nowhere good for him.

Notable Replies

  1. It makes me quite sad that that field has been taken seriously, academically. It represents some of the worst, most useless (at best, at worst regressive and MRA-ish) aspects of social science.

  2. Ah, but if you do it right, it allows you to pretend to be a scientist, rather than a teller of trite 'just-so' stories, without either the arduous fieldwork of anthropology or the tricky biochemistry of evolutionary biology! See how adaptive it is?

    I strongly suspect that people go into "evolutionary psychology" because of evolved mechanisms for avoiding metabolic losses through inactivity that developed during periods of famine.

  3. soooo.... he didn't literally eat any foot, right?

  4. Narcissists are very good at recognizing when they've got a problem: it's just that they categorize it as 'under-appreciation by my inferiors' a bit too frequently...

  5. I think that the measure of one's ability to complete a dissertation, is one's ability to complete a dissertation. I don't see why further examination is called for.

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