Paula Deen offered job

Buttery bigot Paula Deen may have lost millions in sponsorship deals after racist remarks, but Pure Mature has offered her a six-figure payday to star in one of its productions. I assume from the company's name that it's some kind of all-natural cheesemaker. [TMZ]

Notable Replies

  1. What the heck is going on with comments this morning? Most of the newer posts read "Comments are closed."

  2. I wonder if she'll ask for a no interracial clause?

  3. I am puzzled, since the press release uses the word milf and also the the phrase over 65. Back in my college days, a milf was anybody who had already finished college.

  4. When I first read the summary in my news feed, I swear I thought it said "Pure Manure," which I thought was more appropriate.

  5. I'm pretty sure you have to have at least one kid to meet the common definition of a MILF.

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