"Slave" freed in Wales, 13 years after disappearance

"An Englishman who mysteriously vanished on holiday more than a decade ago has been reunited with his family after he was discovered allegedly working as a slave on a Welsh farm for the last 13 years." [NY Daily News]

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  1. There seems to have been some considerable apathy on the part of the police here. Just withholding the number on a phone isn't enough to disguise it. So, if it's either a nearby callbox, there's an approximate area, or if it's a mobile, a very definite one in which to search.

  2. I hope the poor guy gets out of this okay frowning

    This makes me really sad, largely because of the crazy behaviour of basically everyone involved. The people who own the farm go without saying, but from the article it sounds like the parents didn't go to the police for eight years. That the police then, apparently, did nothing is mindblowing (and I guess would help explain why they didn't bother until more recently). It would be nice to know how this ended up happening the way it did. Are there any more detailed articles already, or do you think the results of an investigation will be public at some point? (I guess I wouldn't want Darrell to be subjected to a media circus, but, darn it, this is so weird!).

  3. miasm says:

    We're all playing the same game here aren't we?
    You be the captive and we'll be the captors. Ha ha.

  4. When local Welsh residents of the community were asked for comment nobody understood what they were saying.

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