CNN's ratings-led switch to bad tabloid TV

As the world burns—massacres in Egypt, civil war in Syria, a train disaster in Canada—CNN occupies itself with inane human interest fluff and wall-to-wall trial coverage delivered by the migrainous Nancy Grace.

Thing is, it's a ratings hit. Jay Rosen says he used to criticize CNN because he cares, but no longer cares at all. Sid Bedingfield puts it more succinctly: is it time to just give up on them?

Next on CNN: Anthony Bourdain shows you how to make Cairo-style coupcakes!

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  1. CNN is indeed often terrible, and I cringe at many of their choices. But despite my initial reluctance, I watched a few of the Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown shows and found them to be incredibly high quality television. There was a show the other night where he was travelling on the Amazon (or the Congo, I can't remember which) meeting people and exploring the culture and history there and it was fascinating. Another recent show from Libya was interesting as well.

    Yeah, most of their news personalities I can't stand anymore, although I do respect Christianne Amanpour and Fareed Zakharia. I especially can't stand that Tom Foreman guy who always does the things with the 'virtual spaces', and some of them come across as sleazy and self-promoting like that Andrew Cuomo.

    I far prefer to watch MSNBC for opinion journalism; especially Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow. Yes I know they are biased, but they are clear about it and I feel like they are genuine people with valid informed opinions and personal integrity.

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