North Carolina House Republicans sneak abortion rules into motorcycle safety bill without notice

North Carolina House Republicans have, without notice, inserted sweeping changes to the state's abortion rules into a motorcycle safety law. Effectively, they've reintroduced the abortion bill that Governor Pat McCrory had threatened to veto.

“It is a disgrace to North Carolina that legislators have again resorted to sneak attacks to move their anti-women’s health agenda forward,” said Melissa Reed, a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood Health Systems said in a statement. “Once again there was no public notice that this bill would be heard. The public and even many legislators on the committee only learned this was a possibility at 9:57am -- three minutes before the committee was to meet -- when a political reporter was tipped off and posted it on Twitter. This is outrageous and not how the people’s business should be conducted.”

Without notice, NC House rushes forward new abortion bill

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  1. I think it would be ironic if it failed to pass because the "motorcycle safety" portion of the bill was viewed as infringing on people's rights (i.e., "It's our right not to wear helmets if we choose!").

  2. Oh FFS. The US needs a law (constitutional amendment, perhaps?) to the effect of "No law shall be introduced that creates legislation unrelated to the name, summary or main content of it".

    Sure, it'll be fun getting the states to agree, but "protecting the people against government trickery" seems like an appropriate use of federal powers.

  3. It never fails to depress me, how republicans legislators use such gutless, sneaky tactics to get their way - And then strut around afterwards, boasting of their "courage" and their "honesty".

    I generally don't associate the idea of having a backbone with most politicians, but the fundaloonie brigades have taken it to a whole different level. I think that most working pols know that they're devious liars and cowards, but when I look at the wingnuts...

    The absolute disconnect from what they actually do, to what they afterwards expect everybody to believe they did - And seem to actually believe themselves that they did - It speaks volumes concerning the delusion and outright fraud that seems to be the driving force behind religious mania and wingnut's sense of personal glory and entitlement. It's like watching a three-year-old beg his mom to chase a fly out of his room, and an hour later he's throwing a tantrum because nobody is congratulating him for having bravely killed a dozen dragons.

  4. Sneaking new terms into a bill (proposed law) strikes me as fraud. In the business world, if a businessman (or a lawyer) sneaks a new term into a contract that the other party is not aware of, it's called "fraud in the execution" (sometimes "fraud in the factum"). The fraud is grounds for making the contract void.

  5. The article this links to refers to Rep. Paul Stam as an "Apex Republican," which I thought was a new breed of super-conservative politician. I was disappointed to learn that Apex is just the NC city he represents. In the future, though, I'm going to use the term my way.

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