Turn your sketches into 3D-printed cookie-cutters

Thingiverse's Cookie Cutter Customizer is a tool for taking doodles and sketches and turning them into 3D-printable cookie-cutters.

Thingiverse | Draw and Print Custom Cookie Cutters

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  1. I would like to see some 3D printers integrated with a scanner large enough to do faces or similar-sized objects with a software suite that could do the 3D printed equivalent of a paper cameo or cake/jello-mold. Like a little faux "ivory" cameo would the the kind of chachkis I would actually want to take home from some fair or amusement park. Even software (like an effect in CS) that does caricatures would be so sweet.

    Funeral masks could be a really baller custom to have return.

    If this exists it evades my Google-Fu so please link to it. If this does not exist and you like it and have the will to make it happen then please do. I want to play with that sort of stuff.

  2. I think I'll just wait until I can just print the cookies themselves...

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