So apparently, Edward Snowden uses security-focused email service Lavabit

A footnote from this morning's dramatic airport conference convened by whistleblower-on-the-run Edward Snowden: if what Tanya Lokshina of Human Rights Watch said is accurate, the former NSA contractor uses an email service called Lavabit. Pretty cool features list. If it's good enough for the most wanted "hacker" in the world, as President Obama described him.... still, caveat email-er.(HT: @ericragle.)

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  1. He didn't have to "hack" anything to get his information. Having that info was part of his job.

  2. rider says:

    Copying files to a thumb drive and handing them to a reporter is far from hacking.

  3. Using any electronic device in a way the DHS doesn't like is hacking of the blackest kind. Even a 4-function calculator.

  4. jdo says:

    I've not yet made any moves on this, but I think Autistici/Inventati (website: looks interesting. I found out about it here:, which is a good resource for getting started on researching various tools/clients for communicating that are privacy-focused.

  5. he's just a guy who jumped at an opportunity without giving it much thought.

    That's funny, that's how I feel about your approach to your post there.

    That's not what happened at all. You should read more of Snowden's interviews, etc. and get more background information on him as well.

    For one, Snowden is a highly skilled hacker... trained by the NSA themselves.


    For another, Snowden had the choice to remain anonymous and if you'd read his interviews you'd know that he deliberated for a long time over his decision to whistleblow and go public with the data. It was far from the fantasy you ignorantly portrayed.

    No a blackhat would have known how to do it and get away with it without getting trapped in a Russian airport for eternity.

    Once again, Snowden could have chosen to do all this anonymously. If you read his interviews and statements, he makes it clear why he chose to go public instead.

    I know we all want to make this guy out to be some uber leet hero

    If your intention is to disparage Snowden, you're not doing a very good job by positing factual inaccuracies, half-truths and expressing general ignorance on the matter.

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