Man shoots one second of video every day for year

[Video Link] Seth used his iPhone to shoot one second of video every day for a year. (Kevin Kelly did this when he went to Asia last year, but he used the ambient sound, which is better than replacing it with music as Seth did.)

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  1. grima says:

    I was ready to shoot myself one second after listening to that background music.

  2. Hi! The aforementioned Seth here. I'm thrilled to see my silly video posted to Boing Boing, a blog I of course love -- I never would've expected so many people to watch this thing when I first started annoying my friends by recording them last year. As a side-note, I'm curious why Mark so disliked the use of a song to tie the video together. While editing, I found the video sans music a bit spastic/jerky to sit through, and I thought scoring it with a song that conveyed movement would give it a connective energy. In any case, a huge thanks for posting -- and for yet another chance to discuss creativity and artistry on BB.

  3. Hi Seth!

    the use of such a song is really just manipulative. If you make more videos you might notice that any visuals you throw together, no matter how weird / sad / ugly / uplifting, will be completely usurped by the emotion of the music that is laid on top of it. In this case, a hit song (and yes, a fantastic song) is completely overpowering whatever you might have intended with the visuals. And in fact, it becomes a fan video for "All of my Friends" by LCD Soundsystem more than a documentary of your life.

    Try overlaying "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven instead and see what happens.....

    Yes, I would have preferred the ambient audio, with maybe a little bit of music on top, but only if it makes sense. Not just because it's a great emotional nostalgic hit song.

    Don't take this as a harsh criticism, I like your work, it was clearly a labor of love and it shows. Also, you seem to have a very nice life smile


  4. I also muted the sound, and happened to be listening to Barber's Adagio for Strings. Seth, I'm sorry for your troubles and I'm sure things will look up in the coming year.

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