This Day in Blogging History: Apple rejects Angry Syrians; Mr Jalopy on NPR; Epcot's barfotron

One year ago today
Apple rejects "Angry Syrians" It was intended to raise awareness of the ongoing bloodbath in Syria. Apple rejected it.

Five years ago today
Mister Jalopy on NPR: Like many of his fellow makers, Mr. Jalopy is simultaneously an artist, a tinkerer and a craftsman. For him, it's a lifestyle.

Ten years ago today
Epcot to unveil the barfotron: Looks like the new Mission: Space ride at Epcot Center is real fun, so long as you don't lift your head out of the headrest -- which is a sure-fire way to end up barfing.

Notable Replies

  1. I rode Mission: Space almost immediately after it opened and thought it was the best motion simulator I'd ever ridden. (Actually, the only good motion simulator I'd ever ridden.) I think I rode it three times that trip. The simulation of weightlessness was fantastic. Still would love to know how the did that one a motion-constrained earthbound amusement ride. Never once got nauseous. (Though I tend to follow the instructions on amusement rides. They don't give them to you because they want to.)

    I went back a few years later. Apparently they were tired of cleaning up the barf and had changed the simulation dramatically. It was... just another mediocre motion ride. Really disappointing.
    (Though they do still have the lunar rover that was scheduled to go up on Apollo 18 to gawk at while you're in line.)

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