Enjoy this new infomercial for the 2013 Gathering of the Juggalos

Video Link. We have been observing this phenomenon, and the yearly informercials, for quite some time now. God help us all. (Via Gawker, HT: @bwjones)

Notable Replies

  1. Of course Juggalos would show callous disregard for the preservation of aspect ratios. Widescreen videos: how do they work?

  2. Incidentally, has anybody considered the possibility that Guy Fawkes, with his distinctive, high-contrast, black and white facial coloration, enthusiasm for violence, and surprise christian twist, might have been the Juggalo patient zero?

  3. One magnet on the right, one on the left, just outside the field of view.

  4. I had to double check, but yes, that is Rick Springfield in whiteface.

  5. It's like my grandpa made a video to try and excite kids into coming to an Elks lodge event. "Come on youths! We got swear words, soda, and clowns!"

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