Reusable lid turns canning jar into travel mug


Cuppow is a a reusable lid that turns a glass canning jar into a travel mug. They have versions for regular and wide mouth glass jars. It's made in the USA from BPA-free, Phthalate-free plastic. What a great idea! Amazon has the regular mouth size for $8; you supply the jar. Cuppow Regular and Cuppow Wide Mouth

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  1. Given that it'd be uninsulated and have no handle, I don't see a significant net advantage vs. other solutions...

    I reuse canning jars by canning.

  2. Dunno about stainless, but fer shur you can buy fresh sets of bands and tops.

  3. I've had mine for about nine months, and they're high-quality and fun. Insulation isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially on a chilly morning commute, but hipsterknit yourself a cozy if it's that important to you. They fit a lot of quart jars as well, in case you need a LOT of coffee.

  4. Wait, what? No, really, I like these things. I used to just do smoothies outta the open top, but like, I solved my first-world-problem.

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