Detroit Free Press photographer arrested, detained for seven hours

Police in Detroit detained a photographer who shot iPhone footage of a street arrest, held her in an interrogation room with the suspect, and did not release her for seven hours. The best part: the police in Detroit are so stupid they stole the SIM card. [ via Romenesko]

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  1. My favourite part is that the photographer's editor, who stormed down to the police department to complain about all this, is a Mr. Anger: Paul Anger. One hopes that he says his name in the James Bond manner: "Bond...James Bond".

  2. are there actually people in the developed world who still haven't heard that iPhones don't have removable storage?

    I raise my hand without shame. Why would I know that? I don't have one & have never poked into one.

  3. Perhaps the officer knew his actions would result in;

    1. getting the rest of the summer off while suspended with pay.

    2. getting a slap on the wrist and retraining.

  4. "This won't work anymore, but boy, it is clean!"

  5. And it smelled nice, too.

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